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These are the 15 best-looking games you can play on your iPhone

As Apple continues to improve the iPhone, dozens of games with impressive graphics are showing up in the App store.

Here are the latest predictions for Apple’s 2019 products, according to one of the most reliable Apple analysts

Top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a few predictions about Apple's 2019 product lineup.
iPad screen rotation is simple but differs slightly from the iPhone.

How to rotate your iPad screen and lock or unlock its orientation

Here's how to rotate the screen on your iPad, how to lock or unlock its orientation during use, and how to fix an iPad when it isn't rotating.
Your iPad screen is not going to stay factory-fresh.

How to properly clean an iPad screen without damaging your device

Here's how to properly clean an iPad screen and a few things you shouldn't do when cleaning an iPad in order to avoid damaging it.

What 8 of the world’s most popular tech gadgets looked like when they were first released

In an age of technological overload, tech gadgets released two years ago can seem just as dated today as those that came out in the 1980s.
To take a screenshot on any iPad before the 2018 iPad Pro, press the home and power buttons simultaneously.

How to take a screenshot on any iPad model

Taking a screenshot on a 2018 iPad Pro differs slightly from previous generations of the iPad.
There are two ways to delete apps on an iPad.

How to delete apps on your iPad (and save their data)

Here are two quick and easy way to delete apps from your iPad, including a method to save your apps' data when you remove it.

Apple’s price hikes have gone way too far

Apple products have always been expensive. But over the last year, they've taken a step toward exorbitant.

Nintendo is making a second smartphone game starring Super Mario, and it’s set to arrive in ‘early summer’

"Dr. Mario World" is a free-to-play puzzle game from Nintendo that will launch on both Apple and Android devices later this year.

How much money is ‘Fortnite’ making? Nearly $2.5 billion in 2018 alone, according to the latest report

"Fortnite" made nearly $2.5 billion in 2018 alone, according to a new report. Being the biggest game in the world has its benefits!