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Apple’s iPad Pro looks identical to a MacBook with this $200 keyboard and trackpad case

Now that Apple has given its iPads official mouse support, case makers are adding trackpads to their keyboard cases. This one looks like a MacBook.
The 2020 iPad Pro with the new Magic Keyboard.

Apple’s iPad is finally getting a major feature it’s been missing that could make it a real laptop replacement

Apple's new iPad Pro and older iPads will finally have mouse support, one of the tablets' biggest shortcomings when it comes to replacing your laptop.

Apple’s next big iPhone update could bring 2 major features people have been wanting for years — here’s everything we know about it ...

Apple's iOS 14 update could bring real mouse support to the iPad among other updates. Here's what to expect.
It's easy to access the Control Center on an iPad for shortcuts to functions and apps.

How to cancel subscriptions on your iPad through the Settings app

To cancel a subscription on your IPad, you'll need to open your Apple ID profile in the Settings app.
It's easy to set your iPad to close tabs automatically.

How to set your iPad to automatically close tabs in Safari, in 4 steps

You can automatically close tabs on your iPad through the Settings app, where you can configure Safari to automatically close tabs. Here's how.
It's easy to make an iPad louder by changing the volume settings.

How to make your iPad louder in 2 different ways, without an external speaker

You can increase the volume of your iPad by disabling, the Volume Limit or turning on the Late Night EQ setting. Both processes are very simple.
It's a good idea to lock your iPad when you're not using it.

How to lock your iPad with a passcode, fingerprint, or facial scan, and make it nearly impenetrable to strangers

Before you lock your iPad, you should set up a security method. Depending on your iPad model, this can include Touch ID or Face ID.
The Apple Watch won't work with your iPad — you'll need an iPhone.

No, the Apple Watch doesn’t work with the iPad — here’s are all the ways to properly use an Apple Watch

The iPad can't work with the Apple Watch, since you can't download the Watch app. You'll need an iPhone to use the Apple Watch properly.
It only takes a few taps to get Apple Arcade on your iPad.

How to get Apple Arcade on your iPad, and gain access to a wide selection of new games

You can get Apple Arcade on your iPad through the App Store, where the Arcade has its own curated section. It costs $4.99 a month after a free trial.
Factory reset your iPad to clear all content and settings from your device.

How to enable and use Siri on any iPad model to ask questions, give commands, and more

You can use Siri on your iPad to give commands and ask questions, as long as it's enabled. You can turn it on and customize it in the Settings app.