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Apple's current line-up of iPhones, excluding the iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple’s making it harder than ever to know which iPhone to buy

Ready to parse between the iPhone X, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR? How about the iPhone 7, and the iPhone 8/8 Plus?

6 reasons you should buy the iPhone 8 over the new iPhone XS

Apple may have just introduced a brand-new flagship phone in the iPhone XS, but there are plenty of reasons to buy an older iPhone instead. The $600 iPhone 8 still has high-end specs, a solid camera, and wireless charging.
iPhone 8

Apple says some iPhone 8 devices have a manufacturing defect and will fix them for free — here’s how to see if you’re affected

Apple says some iPhone 8 smartphones may have a manufacturing defect that causes random freezing, rebooting, or other problems. Here's how to see if you're affected — and how to set up your free repair.

One of Apple’s key chip manufacturers was hit with a virus that targets Windows computers — and it took nearly 3 days to recover

Apple supplier TSMC was hit by a virus over the weekend. TSMC makes the processors that are currently used in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 to Apple's specifications.

9 reasons you should buy an iPhone 8 instead of an iPhone X

There are several good reasons to consider buying an iPhone 8 instead of the more expensive iPhone X.
This is the very pretty, very expensive iPhone X.

6 reasons you should buy an iPhone SE instead of the iPhone X

Apple's $1,000 iPhone X is a hype machine you can easily ignore.

I bought a $999 iPhone X eight months ago — and I kind of regret it

I'm not mad that I bought Apple's $999 iPhone X, but I do wonder if I got the most bang for my buck.

This map shows how much the iPhone 8 costs around the world

Apple's iPhone 8 checks several boxes for prospective buyers, but it doesn't come cheap. In the US, before taxes and other fees, the iPhone 8 costs $699 for 64 GB of storage, or $849 for 256 GB. It's only more expensive in other countries.

RANKED: The iPhones that give you the most bang for your buck, from the iPhone 6S to the iPhone X

Not everyone wants the newest or most expensive iPhone available — plenty of people just want a great phone at a great value.