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Screen record on iPhone with these simple steps.

How to record the screen on your iPhone

Apple makes it easy to record a video of your iPhone screen without installing additional apps. Here's how to do it.
Samsung Fold in action.

After repeatedly mocking Apple for ditching the iPhone headphone jack, Samsung is doing exactly the same thing

Samsung previously made fun of Apple for getting rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone.
Give them some space: An iPhone and Mac can be about 30 feet apart from each other and still exchange an AirDrop.

How to AirDrop a file from an iPhone to a Mac or other Apple devices

AirDrop is the easiest way to send files like photos and documents from an iPhone to a Mac (or to other Apple devices).
Close apps using the Apple Watch's side button.

How to close apps on the Apple Watch, and other troubleshooting tips

Here's how to close apps on the Apple Watch and a few general troubleshooting tips for apps that aren't working on your watch.

These are the 15 best-looking games you can play on your iPhone

As Apple continues to improve the iPhone, dozens of games with impressive graphics are showing up in the App store.

An Apple patent filing reveals what a foldable iPhone might look like

Apple is the only major phone maker not talking about foldable phones.
You can customize iPhone's Do Not Disturb feature to optimize your life.

How to use Do Not Disturb on iPhone to optimize your time

Here's how you can turn on your iPhone's Do Not Disturb mode manually or set it up with various features for scheduling purposes.
Manage and cancel your subscriptions through iPhone's Settings.

How to cancel subscriptions on your iPhone

Your iPhone lets you centrally manage and cancel all iTunes and App Store subscriptions from one place in your Settings.

All of the essential phones and gadgets that are actually worth your money in 2019

It's 2019. If you know nothing about technology, this guide is a good place to start.
Phil Schiller, Apple's head of worldwide marketing, shows off the company's updated iPhone lineup on Wednesday.

Apple made a mistake by killing the iPhone SE

The iPhone SE was Apple's last 4-inch iPhone, and the only phone made at an incredibly accessible price point of just $350.