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This video of a Turkish man smashing an iPhone has gone viral on social media.

Turks smashed their iPhones in protest of US sanctions and their plummeting currency

Several Turks on social media are protesting US sanctions and the country's plunging currency by smashing their iPhones and chopping up US dollars. Erdogan called for the boycott of all US electronics, including the iPhone, on Tuesday.

Can you tell Motorola’s new phone apart from Apple’s iPhone X?

This newest Motorola phone, the P30, looks strikingly similar to Apple's iPhone X. Can you tell the two apart at a glance?

We tried out 4 phone lenses that let you take photos that aren’t possible with your stock iPhone camera — take a look

Moment, a mobile photography company, has a line of lenses designed to be used on your mobile phone, which give you photo options that aren't possible on your stock phone camera.
Each iPhone contains 31 grams of aluminum.

How much raw material it takes to make 11 everyday foods and products, from sugar cubes to iPhones

You'd be surprised by how much raw material goes into the everyday items you use. If you drink at least one cup of coffee per day, you'd need at least 9 coffee trees producing full-time to give you a year's supply.

I switched to Spotify two months ago — and I miss Apple Music every single day

I switched from Apple Music to Spotify two months ago. While I expected to enjoy the change, I miss using Apple Music: it's easier to use, doesn't default to dark mode, and it has one key feature that Spotify lacks.

One of Apple’s key chip manufacturers was hit with a virus that targets Windows computers — and it took nearly 3 days to recover

Apple supplier TSMC was hit by a virus over the weekend. TSMC makes the processors that are currently used in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 to Apple's specifications.

13 apps for your iPhone that are better than the ones Apple made

These 15 apps have beaten Apple at its own game.

39 photos that show how Steve Jobs saved Apple from disaster and set it on the path to a $1 trillion valuation

Apple is worth $1 trillion today. But when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, the company was in dire straits.

9 reasons you should buy an iPhone 8 instead of an iPhone X

There are several good reasons to consider buying an iPhone 8 instead of the more expensive iPhone X.

This chart shows Apple’s steady climb toward becoming the first trillion-dollar company in the US

The company hit the milestone Thursday morning following its reported strongest third quarter ever and a spike in share price to $207.05.