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A video shared by Israel Defense Forces shows a woman skiing as the military intercepted a missile over the Hermon ski resort.

Video shows Israel’s Iron Dome intercept a rocket over a ski resort in the Golan Heights

The IDF shared footage of its air-defense system intercepting a missile over the Golan Heights, claiming it was launched by Iranian forces in Syria.
Israeli soldiers stand in front of the launcher of an Iron Dome missile interceptor battery in the southern Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon.

Israeli military tweets that a missile attack on Iranian elite forces in Syria is underway

Israel says a strike against Iran inside Syria has begun, tweeting that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' elite forces, the Quds are the target.
An Israeli F-16I.

Russia’s air defenses can’t stop Israel from stomping on Iran in Syria with airstrikes

Russia has exported some of its best air defense systems to Syria, but Israeli jets keep beating them and it's making Russia look bad.
Former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton shares a laugh with a Marine veterans in Hilton Head, South Carolina, January 13, 2012.

White House’s shock request for strike options on Iran suggests an extremely dangerous possibility

The Pentagon's shock after a failed mortar attack in Iraq likely came from an extreme request from Bolton: Airstrikes.

The Trump administration has been itching for a fight with Iran, but Mattis held it back. Now he’s gone.

Jim Mattis stopped the Trump administration from attacks on Iran. With him gone, the US may launch attacks on more countries.
A map showing the approximate locations of the military cargo plane's places of origin and destination, and where it conducted an emergency landing before crashing.

A military cargo plane full of meat crashed in Iran, killing everyone but a flight engineer on board, army says

The cargo plane carrying meat skidded off the runway and caught fire after hitting a wall at Fath Airport, state media said.

Here’s what you missed this weekend: The US government shutdown became the longest on record and the president tweeted his fury at being called ...

On the January 12-13 weekend, the US stayed shutdown, Trump tweeted fury at being named a Russian agent and police know more of the man who took Jayme
US National Security Advisor John Bolton speaks during a news conference after a meeting with Russia's Nikolai Patrushev at the US Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Trump’s national security team reportedly asked for military options to attack Iran last fall, alarming US officials

The Trump administration asked the Pentagon for military options to strike Iran last fall, according to a new Wall Street Journal report.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks to students at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, January 10, 2019.

Pompeo offers blistering rebuke of Obama’s foreign policy in Cairo speech: ‘The age of self-inflicted American shame is over’

"The United States under President Trump has reasserted its traditional role as a force for good in this region," Pompeo said to an audience in Cairo.

Iran has been holding a US Navy veteran who traveled there to see his girlfriend for at least 6 months

Iran is known to be holding four Americans, including a US Navy veteran who has been detained since summer 2018.