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How will the government shutdown affect tax returns?

The IRS will begin accepting tax returns in less than a week, despite the longest-running government shutdown in US history

The shutdown is now into its second month, but the IRS says it will still accept and provide refunds to taxpayers starting January 28.
President Donald Trump

Here are the most important upcoming dates related to the government shutdown

From funding the courts to filing taxes, there are a number of deadlines complicated by the government shutdown.
Filing your taxes might be easier with a professional on hand.

How to figure out if you should do your own taxes or hire a pro

Tax Day is Monday, April 15. You should have everything you need from your employer to file your taxes by early February.
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

46,000 IRS workers will head back to work without pay to process tax returns and pay out refunds

Since the government shutdown began in December, the IRS has been operating with about 10,000 of its 80,000 employees.
The IRS has a list of companies that offer free tax filing.

The IRS will still accept tax returns during the partial government shutdown. Here’s how you can file for free online.

The IRS has opened up its free tax filing portal. You can file your federal tax return for free online if you made less than $66,000 in 2018.
A protester holds a sign during a rally by government workers and concerned citizens against the government shutdown on Friday, January 11, 2019.

Federal workers affected by the government shutdown have more than $400 million in mortgage and rent payments due this month, and it could cause chaos...

The government shutdown could start having an impact on the housing market as furloughed employees owe $400 million in mortgage and rent payments.
Employers must file and postmark W-2 forms by January 31.

The IRS will accept tax returns even if the partial government shutdown continues, and you can file as early as January 28

When can you expect to file your 2018 taxes? If you have your W-2 form, the IRS will accept your tax return beginning January 28.
President Donald Trump isn't backing down on the government shutdown, which will only get worse for millions of Americans as it continues.

The effects of the shutdown are only going to get exponentially worse as the fight drags on

As the government shutdown drags on the effects will get worse. Food stamps could

Here’s how the new US tax brackets for 2019 affect every American taxpayer

The IRS released new tax brackets for 2019 that slightly change the federal tax rate ranges for income earned this year.
You can't escape tax day.

Tax Day is April 15. Here’s what you can expect when filing under the new tax law

The IRS deadline to file your tax return is April 15 in 2019, but there are certain things to be aware of before filing your taxes.