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Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders at a campaign stop in Iowa on February 2, 2020.

A pro-Israel lobby group has launched a campaign against Jewish candidate Bernie Sanders

The group is spending at least $800,000 on the ad, according to a Federal Election Commission filing.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump during the joint press event announcing the Mideast peace plan.

‘A giant step toward peace’? Critics, including members of the Israeli Knesset, see the US peace plan as a failure.

The White House called its Middle East peace plan the "deal of the century," but few others would use the phrase.
An explosion is seen during an Israeli air strike on Hamas's television station in Gaza City on Monday.

Israel and Hamas’ massive overnight rocket battle threatens to become a major war

A botched Israeli operation that killed seven Palestinian fighters and Hamas' response with rockets means fighting has reached levels not seen since 2014.

A Palestinian-American billionaire says the biggest challenge facing his $1.4 billion luxury city in the heart of Palestine nearly bankrupted the proj...

Rawabi is the first planned city in the West Bank built by and for Palestinians. But the project nearly went bankrupt over one crucial issue: water.
Bashar Masri sees a new future ahead for Palestine.

A Palestinian-American billionaire building a $1.4 billion city in Palestine says it’s a ‘golden opportunity’ to build a ‘mode...

Rawabi is the first planned city in the West Bank built by and for Palestinians. The $1.4 billion project is the brainchild of Bashar al-Masri, a Palestinian-American billionaire. Masri hopes the city can form the economic backbone of the nascent Palestinian state.

Back to old habits, Malaysia’s Mahathir calls Jews ‘hook-nosed’

"They are hook-nosed. Many people called the Malays fat-nosed. We didn't object, we didn't go to war for that."
Palestinians working in Israel cross through Israeli Qalandiya checkpoint near the West Bank city of Ramallah April 25, 2017.

I took the excruciating 10-mile journey through Israel’s most notorious military checkpoint that adds hours to the daily commute for 26,000 Pale...

The Qalandiya military checkpoint in the Palestinian West Bank is the main crossing for thousands of Palestinians to cross into East Jerusalem and Israel. Around 26,000 Palestinians make the excruciating commute every day. I recently went.
U.S. President Donald Trump and Jared Kushner meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Australia just took a cue from Trump on Palestine, and it proves his unconventional approach can pay off

Opinion: Australia, like the US, will not fund the Palestinian Authority until it can be sure the organization has ceased funding terror. The Palestinian Authority financially rewards terrorists and their surviving family members. The international community is finally speaking up.

An Israeli has written a series of open letters to his Palestinian neighbors. Will anyone respond?

Opinion: Conversations about the Israeli Palestinian conflict are often stale and unproductive. Interlocutors talk in circles and rarely say anything new or productive. A new book from Yossi Klein Halevi might change that.

Hamas is escalating its rocket attacks on Israel, and that could damage the Palestinian cause in more ways than one

Opinion: When they hear the siren sound, Israelis have 15 seconds to run into a shelter before rockets hit. On Tuesday, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired a barrage of rockets into Israel from Gaza.