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Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway, and other top Trump aides have had their White House offices relocated to remove potential asbestos

Part of the White House is undergoing construction to remove potentially dangerous materials and several top Trump advisers have been relocated.
Combined, Donald Trump and his family are worth more than $4 billion.

Here’s how the Trump family spends their billions, from a $15 million beachfront estate in St. Martin to a $32 million fleet of private helicopt...

President Donald Trump has a net worth of $3.1 billion. Considering the net worths of his adult children, the Trump family fortune exceeds $4 billion.

Ivanka Trump and her brother Don Jr. are staking opposite sides in the gun control debate — and the president calls Don Jr. his ‘gun exper...

While Ivanka has called for stricter background checks and "red flag" laws, Don Jr. has reportedly warned his father against supporting them.

Ivanka Trump’s attempt to highlight gun violence in Chicago backfired when the city’s mayor slammed her misleading tweets as ‘nonsen...

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she was "not going to be distracted by nonsense tweets from people who don't know what they're talking about."

Waiters at a high-end New York restaurant reportedly Google anyone who tries to make a reservation to ‘keep the restaurant for special people on...

The New York Post said it obtained a document confirming there's a "reservation protocol" in place at the 20-seat Fleming by Le Bilboquet.
President Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka Trump, an adviser to the president, during an event in the East Room at the White House on August 1, 2017.

Ivanka Trump condemns white supremacy as ‘an evil that must be destroyed’ after mass shootings rock the US, while President Trump blames m...

An online manifesto apparently written by the gunman who killed 20 people in El Paso, Texas, spoke of avenging the "Hispanic invasion of Texas."
CNN anchor Victor Blackwell slammed President Donald Trump for referring to Baltimore, Maryland, as "infested."

CNN anchor from Baltimore slams Trump’s attack on his hometown in a tearful monologue: ‘It’s about black and brown people’

"Donald Trump has tweeted more than 43,000 times ... but when he tweets about infestation, it's about black and brown people," Victor Blackwell said.
Ivanka Trump got her daughter a dog.

Ivanka Trump gave her daughter a puppy named Winter for her 8th birthday

When Ivanka Trump posted a picture of the new dog on Instagram, some commenters brought up border politics.
Karlie Kloss and Josh Kushner attend the 2019 Met Gala.

Karlie Kloss said ‘it’s been hard’ marrying into the Kushner family as a Democrat

Model Karlie Kloss married entrepreneur Josh Kushner last fall. He's the younger brother of Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump's husband.