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Columbia University is in New York City, New York.

Almost every Ivy League grad wants to move to the same place after school

The Wall Street Journal collected data from 445 prominent universities and where alums live after graduation. Business Insider looked at where Ivy League graduates move to after earning their degrees and for the most part, they all moved to the same place.
Cornell Tech grad students John Quinn, Noshin Nisa, Kiyan Rajabi, and Carolina Peisch talk before their Startup Studio class.

Inside the Ivy League’s new startup factory — the tech grad school trying to mint the next generation of Mark Zuckerbergs

Over Cornell Tech's six-year history, 40 startups have raised around $32 million in funding.

The 3 most popular majors at every Ivy League school

At six of the eight schools, economics is the most popular major among students who graduated in 2016.
A frat held a competition called a "pig roast" and awarded points for the number of women members had sex with. Cornell University campus is pictured.

A Cornell frat is on probation after a competition called a ‘pig roast’ where members earned points for having sex with women

Zeta Beta Tau, a frat at Cornell, held a competition called a "pig roast" and awarded points for the number of women members had sex with.
It's harder than ever to get into elite colleges, according to experts.

It was the hardest year on record to get into elite colleges — admissions experts explain why

The acceptance rate drops nearly every year at elite schools like Harvard and Stanford, and admissions directors say it's harder than ever to get in.
It's harder than ever to get in.

The Ivy League has released early-application acceptance rates — here’s where they all stand

Almost all eight schools in the competitive Ivy League reported declines in acceptance rates, meaning it's the hardest year on record to get into the colleges.
Some of the highlights include a six-figure foreign language coach.

It takes $1.7 million to get your kid into an elite college, according to rich people

Town & Country estimated that wealthy families spend $1.7 million per child to get them into the Ivy League.

The Ivy League’s football conference is so absurd that 7 teams might tie for first place

Seven Ivy League football teams — Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton and Yale — could tie for first place.
Harvey Mudd's president says the students and faculty work harder than anywhere else she's been.

There’s a tiny college outside LA that didn’t exist until 1957 — but now graduates out-earn Harvard and Stanford alums

Harvey Mudd College is known for its rigorous, high-performing student body, and graduates who outperform even those in the Ivy League.
The policy should substantially reduce the average debt burden of Brown graduates.

Brown University is raising $120 million to replace student loans with gifts

Brown University's fundraising initiative aims to take the financial burden of repayment off of aid recipients.