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How Jameela Jamil went from a radio hosting career to her role on ‘The Good Place’ and became the subject of online hate and conspiracies

Jameela Jamil has become a prominent voice in online activism, but her celebrity status has also made her a target for hate and conspiracies.
James Blake and Jameela Jamil attend the 2020 Grammys.

James Blake defends girlfriend Jameela Jamil after viral social media posts accuse the actress of faking health illnesses

Jamil has been the subject of frequent criticism as of late, and her boyfriend, singer-songwriter James Blake stepped up Friday to defend her.
Jameela Jamil.

Someone on the internet started a wild conspiracy theory that Jameela Jamil has Munchausen syndrome — here’s what the disorder really is

Munchausen syndrome, also called factitious disorder, is a mental health condition where you always want other people to think you're sick.
Jameela Jamil starred in "The Good Place."

Jameela Jamil came out as queer on Twitter and said she was scared of being accused of ‘bandwagon jumping’

Jamil said it's "scary as an actor to openly admit your sexuality, especially when you're already a brown female in your thirties."
Taylor Swift stars as Bombalurina in "Cats."

Taylor Swift talked about her eating disorder and how the press triggered her into starving herself

Swift said the "f---ing impossible" beauty expectations of women would make her go into a "real shame/hate spiral."
Jameela Jamil plays Tahani on the hit show "The Good Place."

Jameela Jamil shared a 10-year-old picture from when she says her eating disorder made her think she was ‘too fat’ to be in public

'The Good Place' actress Jameela Jamil is a vocal body neutrality activist who has struggled with an eating disorder and body dysmorphia.
Gabrielle Union, center, was reportedly fired from "America's Got Talent" after she complained about racism she experienced on set.

Ariana Grande, Ellen Pompeo, and more celebrities rally behind Gabrielle Union after she was reportedly fired from ‘America’s Got Talent&#...

According to reports published on Tuesday, the actress was let go by NBC after she voiced complaints about racism she experienced on set.
Kim Kardashian was asked whether she "felt sympathy" for Prince Harry and Meghan.

Kim Kardashian is the latest celebrity to defend Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: ‘I can definitely empathize’

Kim Kardashian said that as a mother she can understand how difficult it can be to raise a young family within the spotlight.
Meghan Markle in an emotional interview with ITV.

AOC, Jameela Jamil, and other prominent women rallied around Meghan Markle after she shared her struggles with public scrutiny

"Not many people have asked if I'm OK," Meghan Markle said in the interview.
Victoria's Secret Angel Sara Sampaio (R) got caught up in a fiery exchange with Jameela Jamil (L) on Twitter this week.

Jameela Jamil slams Victoria’s Secret in public spat with model Sara Sampaio

Jameela Jamil and Sara Sampaio went head to head on Twitter this week in a fight about the modeling industry.