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The student debt problem hit a depressing milestone in 2018.

An eccentric tech investor and self-help guru has a wild, controversial idea to solve one of America’s biggest problems that he thinks could tur...

James Altucher, a tech investor and self-help guru, says recent college graduates should consider letting wealthy individuals or organizations invest in their futures for a percentage of their future earnings. This way grads could pay off their loans faster.

Tony Robbins says he always does the same thing after making a big decision

Performance coach Tony Robbins told James Altucher how he uses his excitement over a new idea to spur action immediately.

Use an insight from consumer psychology research to make your spouse appreciate you more

To strengthen your relationship and make your partner appreciate you more, occasionally remind them of all the ways you contribute to the family.

A Georgetown professor says the mindset that led us all to embrace Facebook could ultimately stall your career

A bestselling author has a clever argument for why social media isn't making you more successful.

How to ask out a stranger without seeming like a creep

Hint: Don't go straight for the pick-up line.

This self-help guru swears by owning only about 15 possessions — here’s what they are

James Altucher, the author of "Choose Yourself," gave away the majority of his possessions. He says his simpler lifestyle brings him joy.

Most bosses fail their employees in one important way

James Altucher explains what separates great leaders from terrible ones.