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Republican Sen. Mike Lee mocked the Democrats' Green New Deal proposal in remarks on the Senate floor by showing a picture of former President Ronald Reagan riding a dinosaur on March 26, 2019.

A GOP senator brought a giant picture of Ronald Reagan riding a dinosaur to argue against Democrats’ Green New Deal. Here are 10 other wild prop...

C-SPAN might have a reputation for mind-numbing content, but once in a while lawmakers on Capitol Hill spice up the legislative debate with props.

Republican congressman claims ‘John McCain is partially to blame’ for the way the White House responded to his death

Republican Sen. James Inhofe lauded John McCain's heroic service, but indicated that both McCain and President Donald Trump contributed to their fraught relationship.

Republican senator defends cuts to EPA, which he says is ‘brainwashing our kids’

Senator James Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, claimed that the Environmental Protection Agency is releasing "propaganda" that is "brainwashing our kids."