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Director James Wan on the set of "Aquaman."

‘Aquaman’ director James Wan thinks it’s a ‘f—— disgrace’ that the movie was snubbed for a visual-effects Os...

"Aquaman" was excluded from the Oscars visual-effects shortlist, and director James Wan voiced his displeasure.

‘Aquaman’ director James Wan explains why he thought it was a safe superhero movie choice. And why he was wrong.

"Aquaman" director James Wan explains why he chose "Aquaman" to make into a movie and why it backfired on him
Amber Heard and Jason Momoa in "Aquaman."

‘Aquaman’ director James Wan chose the character ‘everyone makes fun of’ because there’d be less pressure. Then the DC C...

James Wan opened up about the challenges of making a movie that has over 2,000 visual-effects shots, as well as the pressure to revive the DCEU.

‘Aquaman’ is an undeniably fun popcorn movie that’s a mix between ‘Power Rangers’ and ‘Tron’

"Aquaman" puts the DC Comics Extended Universe back on track with a fun blockbuster filled with great CGI and silly costumes.