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The author at Tokyo Tower.

I visited these 7 places in Japan both virtually and in real life. Here’s how the virtual tours compare to the real thing.

In 2016, an Insider reporter visited Japan. During the coronavirus pandemic, he decided to revisit some of these places virtually.
Remote destinations like Antarctica and Easter Island often take additional planning time.

6 bucket-list trips you need to book a year in advance

If your heart is set on a trip to the world's best diving spots or remote islands, now is the time to start booking.
Softbank Pepper.

Softbank’s famous robot Pepper is helping helping enforce social distancing and greeting COVID-19 patients around the world

Japan is using the famous humanoid Pepper robot to fight its relatively small coronavirus outbreak.
The Studio Ghibli museum entrance.

You can now take a rare, virtual tour of the Studio Ghibli museum in Japan for free

Visitors are usually prohibited from taking photos, making these videos a rare opportunity for Ghibli fans.
UV light show volunteers eating in a simulated restaurant environment, aired by Japanese national broadcaster NHK on May 8, 2020.

A video with UV light shows just how far a virus can spread between 10 people at a buffet

The simulation mimics a buffet on a cruise ship and was conducted by experts working with the Japanese state broadcaster NHK.
The first instant ramen noodles were invented by a Japanese man named Momofuku Ando in 1958.

12 things you didn’t know about instant ramen noodles

The first instant ramen noodles were invented by a Japanese man named Momofuku Ando in 1958.
Tengujo paper process.

A Japanese company created the thinnest paper in the world and it’s used to preserve art at the Vatican and the Louvre — see how it’...

The paper dries to become nearly transparent, and is used for repairing historical documents and artwork.

A Japanese tourist company is offering stressed-out couples discounts on hotel rooms to use as a getaway while quarantined

Japanese company Kasoku has started offering up vacant hotel rooms to couples who need space from each other during COVID-19 lockdown.
Garden eel.

A Tokyo aquarium is making an ’emergency plea’ for people to FaceTime its eels so they don’t get too shy

The aquarium set up five tablets along the tank where callers will be displayed between May 3 and May 5.
Nemophila flowers blooming at Hitachi Seaside Park on April 15, 2020.

Photos of a park in Japan famous for its baby-blue flowers show what it looks like without any tourists this spring

Hitachi Seaside Park has been taken over by 5.3 million blooming flowers, and the photos are stunning.