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An undated photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang, released in August 2017. His government reportedly confirmed that a noodle shop worker suspected to be kidnapped by the regime in the 1970s is indeed living in Pyongyang.

North Korea reportedly says a Japanese noodle shop worker it was accused of kidnapping 41 years ago is living in Pyongyang, but he doesn’t want ...

Minoru Tanaka, a noodle shop employee in Kobe, disappeared in 1978. North Korea reportedly said he lives with his wife and children in Pyongyang now.
Jigokudani Monkey Park is located in Yamanouchi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

12 places you should visit in Japan that aren’t Tokyo

There are plenty of places in Japan that are worth a spot on your itinerary. From beach towns to ancient cities, here are 12 places worth visiting.
The chocolate ramen is limited edition.

A restaurant in Japan is now serving chocolate ramen made with cocoa butter and a whole chocolate bar

In Japan, a restaurant is serving up chocolate ramen in a cocoa butter and soy sauce broth. It's even topped with a hunk of chocolate.
Japan serves some classic fast-food options and some with its own unique twist.

27 fast-food menu items from US chains that you find in Japan

You can find McDonald's, Burger King, and Dominos all over the world, including in Japan. These menus also feature some must-try items.
Bentos — or boxed lunches — are a regular staple in Japanese convenience stores, 7-Eleven included.

12 unique foods you can get at 7-Eleven in Japan that you can’t get in the US

In Japan, 7-Elevens offer more than just soda and chips. From tempura to soba noodles, here are 12 things you might find at 7-Eleven in Japan.
European wines are now cheaper in Japan.

Tokyo shoppers get big bargains on French and Italian wine on Day 1 of ‘cars-for-cheese’ trade pact

The largest ever bilateral trade deal kicks in on Friday, eliminating almost all tariffs between economies that make up about a third of global GDP.
Naomi Osaka is ready for bed.

Naomi Osaka blasted through to the Australian Open final, sent a message to her fans in Japanese, then said: ‘I’m going to go to sleepR...

Osaka blew through Karolina Pliskova in three sets on Thursday, playing 56 winners in the match.
Japanese Masazo Nonaka has died aged 113.

The world’s oldest man, who ate sweets and soaked in hot springs once a week, has died in Japan aged 113

Nonaka was born in July 1905, just two years after the Wright brothers celebrated the first powered flight.

Detained ex-Nissan chairman Ghosn offers stock, passports for bail

Ghosn, imprisoned since his arrest on Nov. 19, has asked a Tokyo District Court for the second time to grant him bail after a request last week was denied.
The Japanese startup Attuned devised a 55-question survey to identify the motivations of a company's employees.

I answered an AI-powered survey that revealed my innermost motivations, and immediately understood why companies pay thousands for employees to t...

The Japanese startup Attuned devised a 55-question survey that can identify what motivates a company's employees. I took it.