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Anthony Joshua.

Anthony Joshua’s team told us how they’re planning to make him even bigger than Floyd Mayweather in the U.S.

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed to Business Insider that Anthony Joshua will bank a career-high payday against June 1 opponent Jarrell Miller.
Anthony Joshua.

Jarrell Miller has lit an angry fire in the normally mild-mannered Anthony Joshua, but will end up violently knocked out like countless others

Anthony Joshua has called Jarrell Miller a 'little b----' and a 'rotting disease' who he expects to 'murder' in four rounds.

Jarrell Miller shoved Anthony Joshua so hard that he almost fell over, and it was all because he was smiling

The world heavyweight champion had to take numerous steps back to regain his balance, after Jarrell Miller put his hands on him at a media event.
Anthony Joshua.

Anthony Joshua’s next fight confirms he’s this era’s Floyd Mayweather

Anthony Joshua will receive a career-high payday against Jarrell Miller in his American debut at Madison Square Garden in New York on June 1.