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The 7 highest-paid CEOs in the US last year were all in the media business — here they are

The highest-paid CEO was Thomas Rutledge of Charter Communications, who raked in $98 million. Here are all the others.

Time Warner CEO says Bill Simmons’ HBO show was not canceled because of ratings and that he is now working on something better

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes says that Bill Simmons' short-lived HBO show did not flop and was not canceled because of poor ratings.

TIME WARNER CEO: The ‘real threat’ to the First Amendment came from Democrats, not Trump

Jeff Bewkes said the "real threat" to the First Amendment did not come from President-elect Donald Trump during the campaign, but from the Democratic Party.

Here’s what AT&T is saying to doubters of its plan to buy Time Warner for $85 billion

AT&T sees this as a vertical integration since the two companies don't compete.

This might be the reason Time Warner Shares got pummeled last week

The CEO thinks he needs to reinvent the wheel.