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Police watch as climate change activists demonstrate during the Extinction Rebellion protest, at London's Canary Wharf DLR station on Wednesday.

Climate change protestors cause a week of chaos in London, blocking major roads, crippling public transport, and gluing themselves to trains

Thousands of people have protested across London with Extinction Rebellion, occupying four major landmarks as well as interrupting public transport.
Theresa May has reached out to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to come up with a Brexit deal.

Theresa May has said working with Labour is the only way to deliver Brexit

The Prime Minister said in a statement that the longer it takes to reach an agreement, the greater the risk of Brexit not happening at all.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour is inching closer to backing a Norway-style Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn is warming to the a so-called Norway-style exit from the European Union, according to supporters of the plan.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn backs second Brexit referendum

The Labour Party will support or table an amendment designed to force a new referendum on Brexit.
Jeremy Corbyn.

More Labour MPs are set to quit the party as Corbyn refuses to back a new Brexit referendum

There could be further resignations from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party after seven MPs quit on Monday to form the "Independent Group."

‘Enough is enough’: 7 MPs quit Labour over Corbyn’s handling of Brexit and antisemitism

Seven Labour MPs including former shadow ministers quit the party in a historic split. They quit over Brexit, anti-Semitism and other issues.
Shadow Minister Clive Lewis

Shadow minister warns Jeremy Corbyn that Labour will be ‘destroyed’ if it backs May’s Brexit deal

Shadow minister and Corbyn loyalist Clive Lewis, said he feares Labour could be "comprehensively destroyed" if it supports Theresa May's Brexit deal.

Jeremy Corbyn warned his Brexit plans would ‘devastate’ his manifesto pledges and create a new age of ‘Labour austerity’

Exclusive: Labour's Brexit plan would torpedo its spending plans, anti-Brexit campaigners in the party warn in a letter to John McDonnell.
Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn backs a soft Brexit and dashes hopes of a second referendum

The Labour leader enrages second referendum campaigners after writing to Theresa May and offering to back a softer Brexit deal.

How People’s Vote campaigners believe a referendum on Brexit could still be won

Campaigners for a new Brexit referendum believe their long-term strategy will ultimately win the day.