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Be careful about going to war with the jerks in your office, said Stanford University professor Robert Sutton (pictured).

9 ways to deal with a terrible coworker when quitting simply isn’t an option

If you're wondering how to deal with a bad coworker, unfortunately, you're not alone. Rude colleagues are an unavoidable nuisance for many people. Thankfully, Stanford University management professor Robert Sutton broke down some tips for dealing with terrible coworkers.

A Stanford professor says, at the rate things are going, workplaces will only get more toxic in the future

Robert Sutton, a professor of management at Stanford University, says that workplace environments will likely continue to get more contentious.

How to survive your terrible boss, according to a Stanford professor

Stanford management professor Robert Sutton breaks down some tips on coping with a horrible boss.

JEB BUSH: Here’s why I think Donald Trump is a ‘jerk’

"Do you want a president who disparages women? Muslims of all kinds, people with disabilities, Hispanics."