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This direct-to-consumer jewelry company makes customizable, minimalist wedding rings starting at $179 — taking the stress out of the shopping pr...

You can customize every aspect of your wedding ring at Holden, and spend less than $200 for the final product to be produced and shipped to you.
Ear piercings, regardless of the type, are extremely popular.

A guide to 13 common types of ear piercings you could get

Piercings on the earlobe, for example, are extremely common, whereas orbital and industrial piercings are a little more daring.
While Costco is best known for selling groceries and household products in bulk at bargain prices, its loyal members also use their memberships to book vacations, buy gas, or even purchase cars.

15 surprisingly expensive things you can buy at Costco

Someone recently bought a $400,000 engagement ring at Costco. From teddy bears to toilets, here are 15 other expensive things to buy at the store.
Luxury shoe startup M.Gemi is known for its "Monday Drop" model.

5 cool online startups that drop new products every single week of the year

Startups like M.Gemi and Everlane are flipping the script and employing ambitious weekly drop schedules to keep their customers engaged and excited.

The best places to buy affordable fine jewelry

No need to spend a ton of money on fine jewelry. Here are the best places to buy affordable and ethical fine jewelry.

15 beautiful jewelry boxes that won’t look clunky on your dresser

Find the right jewelry box for you, whether you prefer layers upon layers of compartments, a single glass box, or anything in between.
There's no shortage of beautiful, out-of-the-ordinary rings at Catbird.

6 online jewelers changing the way couples shop for engagement and wedding rings

Online jewelers like Catbird and Vrai & Oro take on the frustrating experiences of traditional jewelry stores, so you can find a beautiful ring to last a lifetime.
BaubleBar is one of my favorite places to get affordable, trendy hoops. Check out how mine have held up, below.

Baublebar makes cheap, trendy jewelry that actually holds up over time — here’s what my pieces look like after months of wear

BaubleBar is my go-to for affordable, trendy jewelry. Surprisingly, the pieces hold up well over time. Here's what mine look like after months of wear.
Lady Gaga at the 2019 Met Gala

Lady Gaga wore a diamond ring at the 2019 Met Gala that looked exactly like her engagement ring from her former fiancé

Lady Gaga wore more than $2 million worth of jewelry on the red carpet, all of which was from Tiffany and Co.
Jennifer Lopez at the 2019 Met Gala.

Jennifer Lopez wore Harry Winston jewelry worth $8.8 million to the Met Gala, including a 129-carat diamond necklace

The theme was "Camp: Notes on Fashion," and J. Lo embraced it with her sparkling head-to-toe look, dripping in diamonds.