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Figuring out what to wear for an interview doesn't have to be a stressful process.

There’s an easy way to figure out what to wear to an interview even if you have no clue what the office culture is like

Deciding what to wear to an interview can be confusing, as offices shift from formal to business casual. To figure out what to wear, call your recruiter in advance or ask a friend at the company what they recommend.
Some cover letter mistakes are easily preventable.

I’ve hired dozens of people during my career — here are 8 cover letter mistakes that immediately raised red flags

A cover letter can make or break your ability to land a job, yet many people make mistakes that result in immediate rejection.Some cover letter red flags include grammatical errors and coming off as cocky. Here are eight preventable cover letter mistakes that immediately disqualify applicants.
Get some guidance from the pros.

7 books every job hunter should read before sending out résumés

The job search process can be confusing and overwhelming. Get some advice from experts on topics like changing careers, networking, and finding your passion.