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We’re hiring an Acquisition Marketing Specialist to join our subscription marketing team

Business Insider Intelligence is looking for an Acquisition Marketing Specialist to join their marketing team
Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, co-founders of Rent the Runway.

14 people who turned their hobbies into million- and billion-dollar careers

From Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, to Mark Zuckerberg, here are 14 people who turned their hobbies into million- and billion-dollar careers.
These Amazon jobs all earn over $90,000.

17 high-paying jobs Amazon’s HQ2 could bring to Long Island City and Arlington

Amazon has promised that HQ2 will bring more than 50,000 high-paying jobs across New York City and Arlington, Virginia.
These are the summer 2019 internships to take if you want a full-time job.

13 companies that love offering their interns full-time jobs

If you want to get hired after your internship, check out these companies.

As a ‘puptern,’ you can get $100 an hour to play with puppies — here’s how to apply

If you feel that playing with puppies for a living is your true calling, you need to see this new job posting.

Survey finds that 87% of Malaysians are thinking of switching to an entirely new career path – here’s why

A recent survey by Monster.com polled 799 Malaysian workers, and found that many of them want to switch to a new career path.
The hourly wage for an electrician in New York City is $18.34.

The 15 highest-paying hourly jobs in New York City

Merlin, a job search site, conducted a survey of New York users to determine the highest-paying hourly jobs and found trade workers earn more than big company employees.

The 15 hottest tech jobs for Gen Z workers right now

Job market website Comparably compiled a list of the most popular tech jobs with workers aged 18-25.
Workers on the assembly line replace the back covers of 32-inch television sets at Element Electronics in Winnsboro, South Carolina

10 states where robots are more likely to steal human jobs

Smart Asset, a financial technology company that provides online advice about personal finance decisions, recently released a study which calculated which states have jobs that are most vulnerable to automation. Six of the 10 states listed are in the South.