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While being an influencer isn't the most traditional career, some earn thousands of dollars per post.

15 popular jobs that didn’t even exist 20 years ago

The job market is constantly changing. These jobs may have sounded completely impossible in 1999, but 20 years later they have become viable ways for people to make money.

California is attempting a massive labor experiment that could grow into a disaster for millions of workers

California wants to make employers treat every freelance employee like a full-time staffer, but the law is confusing and could hurt some workers.

From leech collectors to knocker-ups, here are 16 weird jobs that no longer exist

The Industrial Revolution did away with many oddball gigs that your great-great-grandparents might have had.
Male doctors are 40% more likely to die from suicide than non-physicians.

Some of the jobs most at risk for suicide and depression are the most important to society. Here’s a rundown of mental-health risks fo...

Veterinarians and humanitarian workers among the professions that stand out for their impact on mental health.

10 things you should do if you’re worried about your future after a round of layoffs, according to career experts

Closed-door meetings, media reports of trouble in your industry, and a shift in company culture can all signal more layoffs down the line.

The 25 American industries most likely to lose hundreds of jobs if the US-China trade war continues

Bankrate determined the 25 industries that lost the most US jobs as a result of the trade war using data from the Economic Policy Institute.
Veterans value jobs that have competitive salaries, are mission-driven, and utilize skills and experiences learned in the armed forces.

The 10 best career paths for veterans after leaving the military

The best jobs for veterans range from retail to the medical field, according to Navy Federal and Hire Heroes USA.

20 jobs that were popular before the Great Recession that have almost disappeared

A decade after the recession, a grinding recovery has brought the US back to near-full employment — but not every industry has recovered.
Terry Crews was apparently once a courtroom sketch artist.

12 surprising jobs actors had before they got famous

From Terry Crews being a courtroom sketch artist to Danny DeVito working as a hairdresser, here are the odd jobs these stars once had.
Low-wage workers make up 42% of the workforce.

Your beloved 4-day workweek would exclude half the American workforce

Hourly shift employees are looking for more hours, not fewer, to work. They make up 42% of the workforce.