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Trump reportedly rips into Biden at meeting with TV news anchors as the former vice president mulls a 2020 run

"Biden was never very smart," Trump reportedly said. "He was a terrible student."

13 prominent politicians who are 70 or over

The average American expects to retire around the age of 65, but many prominent political figures are well past that age.
President Donald Trump.

Here are the details you might miss watching Trump’s State of the Union address on TV

President Donald Trump delivers his second State of the Union address on February 5. Here are some details you might miss while watching on TV.
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Breakfast hosted by Rev. Al Sharpton and National Action Network, at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, U.S., January 21, 2019

In a crowded and diverse field of Democratic contenders, Joe Biden would have to run against his anti-integration past

Former Vice President Joe Biden's record on racial justice continues to be an issue as he considers running for president in 2020.
Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Chicago in November 2017.

Biden played key role in pushing US to take hardline stances on crime in 1990s, and now he’s apologizing as 2020 looms

"I haven't always been right. I know we haven't always gotten things right, but I've always tried," Biden said.
Joe Biden.

Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Beto O’Rourke top the list of favored 2020 presidential candidates, Iowa poll shows

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the leading contender on a list of 20 potential Democratic presidential candidates, according to a new Iowa poll.

Meet the 2020 presidential contenders who are poised to start campaigning right away in 2019

Potential Democratic candidates have already begun traveling to early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

Joe Biden gave his strongest hint yet he’s leaning toward running in 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday said he'll make an announcement on whether he's running in 2020 in the next six to eight weeks.
Joe Biden once gave a young boy a stuffed version of his dog Champ.

Joe Biden adopted a German Shepherd shelter puppy named Major — and the official picture is priceless

Jill and Joe Biden fostered the 10-month-old dog before adopting him. Major was surrendered to a shelter after he was "exposed to something toxic."
A photo of suspect Cesar Soyac.

The internet presence of the suspected mail bomber reveals his right-wing political leanings and affinity for Trump

The mail bomber suspect's Twitter account showed him making threats against other users as well as high-profile figures like Joe Biden and Ron Howard.