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The NBA playoffs have the highest stakes in years, and it could lead to a massive summer

The NBA playoffs are always high-stakes, but this year, the contending teams have big free agents who could stay or leave, depending on how the postseason goes.

Kawhi Leonard was viciously booed seconds after Spurs fans were chanting for his teammate in his first game back in San Antonio

Spurs are not ready to forgive Kawhi Leonard for his trade request, and they made it known on Thursday, booing the Raptors forward during introductions.

The Raptors’ year-long Kawhi Leonard gamble is going swimmingly, but could fall apart for the simplest reasons

Kawhi Leonard has proven to be an excellent fit with the Toronto Raptors, who now look like championship contenders. But when it comes to free agency, factors outside of the Raptors' control might be what sway Leonard.

Charles Barkley and Shaq got into another mind-boggling argument about the best players in the NBA

Shaq said Kawhi Leonard was the second-best player in the NBA, then called Giannis Antetokounmpo the best in the East, confusing Charles Barkley and the rest of the "Inside the NBA" crew.

Jimmy Butler’s trade demand once again forces NBA teams to face the biggest quandary with star players

Jimmy Butler has reportedly requested a trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves, forcing 29 teams to evaluate the pros and cons of trading for a player who can become a free agent in a year.

The Raptors’ 1-year recruitment to keep Kawhi Leonard has already begun

The Toronto Raptors landed one of the biggest prizes of the NBA offseason when they traded for Kawhi Leonard — now the team just has to figure out how to make sure the superstar stays.

Kawhi Leonard reportedly grew jealous of how other NBA stars were treated, and it may have contributed to his rift with the Spurs

Starting with the 2016 NBA All-Star weekend, Kawhi Leonard, once known for his unassuming nature, reportedly started getting jealous of how other NBA superstars were treated, and that's said to have contributed to his fallout with the San Antonio Spurs.
San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson holding an award at the 4th Annual Sports Humanitarian Awards.

Spurs legend David Robinson can ‘count on one hand’ the number of words Kawhi Leonard has spoken to him

San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson said in an interview that he can "count on one hand" the number of words that Kawhi Leonard has said to him over the years, and he thinks Leonard's quietness made it hard for Leonard and the team to reconcile.