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Not all of these fruits are good to eat on a keto diet.

8 fruits you can eat on the keto diet

Fruits can be high in carbs, making them tricky to work into the keto diet. But don't worry fruit lovers, there are some low-carb fruits.
The keto diet can have positive and negative impacts on your sleeping patterns.

The keto diet can have a big impact on your sleep — here’s how

The ketogenic diet, or keto diet, aims to keep your body in ketosis. From insomnia to well-rested nights, here's how the keto diet affects your sleep.
The high-fat foods and protein on keto can keep you full.

9 foods you didn’t realize you could eat on the keto diet, according to experts

The keto diet might initially seem limiting but experts share some food that is keto-approved and can add some variety to your plate.
The high-fat foods and protein on keto can keep you full.

8 tips for feeling full on the keto diet, according to experts

Trying the keto diet can be an adjustment for your body, but if you're constantly feeling hungry, you may be doing something wrong.

‘Keto crotch’ and 5 other scary things that could happen to your body on the keto diet

The keto diet is seeing wild popularity for its supposed weight-loss effects. But, it does have some potential risks. Here's what you should know.
Bacon and eggs make for a protein-packed breakfast.

7 common mistakes you might be making on a high-protein diet

Protein is an essential macronutrient, but it's possible to get too much of it. Here are seven common mistakes people make on high-protein diets.
The two diets are often confused.

People often confuse the keto and paleo diets — here’s how they differ

The ketogenic and Paleolithic diets both restrict whole grains and legumes. Their differences lie in fats and carbs.
It's not all about bacon and cheese.

5 common misconceptions about the keto diet, and the truth behind them

Here are five common misconceptions about the ketogenic diet and the truth behind them, from a writer who started the diet back in 2014.

9 things about the keto diet I wish I’d known before starting it

The high-fat, low-carb keto diet can be great for shedding weight, but it presents distinct challenges. Jennifer Still writes that though the keto diet has been a "godsend" for her, there are several things she wishes she'd known before starting.

5 ways the keto diet has changed not just my weight but my overall health

The keto diet can be an effective weight loss tool, but it also provides other potential benefits for one's overall health.