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9 things about the keto diet I wish I’d known before starting it

The high-fat, low-carb keto diet can be great for shedding weight, but it presents distinct challenges. Jennifer Still writes that though the keto diet has been a "godsend" for her, there are several things she wishes she'd known before starting.

5 ways the keto diet has changed not just my weight but my overall health

The keto diet can be an effective weight loss tool, but it also provides other potential benefits for one's overall health.
Jillian Michaels is not shy about sharing her negative thoughts about the keto diet.

Jillian Michaels warns people to avoid the keto diet: ‘Why would anyone think this is a good idea?’

Jillian Michaels recently told Women's Health that the popular ketogenic diet is a "bad plan."
The Folios wraps come in three flavors.

You can buy wraps made of 100% cheese, and they’re a low-carb dream come true

Here's where you can buy the lactose-free, gluten-free Folios Cheese Wraps that many keto-diet and low-carb enthusiasts love.

Keto and Whole30 are exploding in popularity, but they can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Here’s what to know before starting them.

Popular diets in 2019 include the high-fat keto diet and the restrictive Whole30 plan. Here's what you need to know.
The Mediterranean diet is praised as one of the healthiest eating plans.

Forget keto — the Mediterranean diet was just named the best for 2019

US News and World Report ranked the Mediterranean diet, which is high in fresh produce and low in red meat, the best diet to try in 2019.
Avocados are low in carbs, making them a pretty good keto food.

8 keto-friendly foods you should be eating, according to chefs

From avocados to eggs, here are some of the best and most versatile keto-friendly foods, according to chefs.
People frequently Googled "what is the keto diet" and "why am I always tired."

The 10 health questions everyone was Googling in 2018 — answered

Google released its annual list of the of the most searched health questions of 2018. This year, people were most concerned about the keto diet, flu, and ALS.
The California Cobb from California Pizza Kitchen.

10 of the best keto meal options at popular chain restaurants

Here, two registered dietitians take you through 10 of the best keto meal options at chain restaurants.

A new $100 keto breathalyzer could finally make the low-carb diet easier to manage

A new keto breathalyzer test aims to help people figure out if they're doing the diet right.