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PowerBeats Pro, which debuted in May, quickly became my go-to workout headphones.

My 2019 tech: Here are the computers, gadgets, and accessories I’m using on a personal basis this year — and which ones I’d recommen...

I review a lot of new tech for Business Insider, like headphones, gadgets and accessories. But reviewing tech isn't the same thing as owning it.

The best ergonomic keyboards you can buy

These are the best ergonomic keyboards to make sure you stay pain-free while you spend the day typing away.

The best mechanical keyboards you can buy

These are the best mechanical keyboards you can buy to improve your typing experience.

Apple’s new iPad Pro looks better than ever, but 2 more features would make it perfect

Apple's new iPad Pro is tantalizingly close to perfection. But just adding two more features would make it even better.

There’s a hidden iPhone keyboard with lots of adorable smiley faces — here’s how to turn it on

There's a keyboard with a ton of smiley faces already installed into your iPhone. Here's how to find it.
Wondering what it might look like using a mouse and keyboard with a home game console? Here's just one example.

The Xbox One is getting a huge new feature that gamers have wanted forever

For years, people have asked for keyboard and mouse support on home video game consoles. In 2018, Microsoft is finally giving in and adding support for the PC peripherals.
Apple's 2018 MacBook Pro with the trackpad photoshopped out by yours truly.

Apple has an interesting idea for how to make its famous MacBook trackpads invisible

A recent Apple patent filing shows how Apple could theoretically ditch the normal trackpad for a version that encompasses the entire top section of a MacBook where the keyboard lies.

RANKED: The best iOS 10 keyboards

If you're tired of the virtual keyboard your iPhone gives you by default, here's what you should download first.

You can now Google right from your iPhone keyboard

Google's newest iPhone app is Gboard, a new keyboard that integrates the giant's search technology, which was released on Thursday.

Microsoft’s one-handed iPhone keyboard is here

This is the second keyboard Microsoft has launched on iOS this month — the first was its productivity-centric Hub keyboard.