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The best ergonomic keyboards

These are the best ergonomic keyboards of 2020 to keep you pain-free while typing the day away, with options from Microsoft, Logitech, and more.

The best mechanical keyboards

These are the best mechanical keyboards of 2020 so far for both PC gamers and typing enthusiasts, led by the Corsair K70 Mk.2.
You can disable a keyboard in Windows 10 at any time.

How to disable or re-enable your keyboard on a Windows 10 computer, to repair, replace, or clean it

You can disable the keyboard on your Windows 10 computer, and later re-enable it, via the Device Manager.

Check out the $3,500 custom keyboard built for one of the biggest ‘Fortnite’ streamers on Twitch

See — and hear — what a $3,500 custom mechanical keyboard built for "Fornite" Twitch streamer Tfue is like.

Samsung created an invisible keyboard that uses AI to track your finger movements

SelfieType will use a front-facing camera to track your fingers and turn any empty surface into a virtual keyboard.
It's easy to change your PS4 password in a few different ways.

How to copy and paste text on a PS4 in 2 different ways

It's easy to copy and paste text on a PS4 with your controller or a connected keyboard and mouse. Here's how to do it.
It's easy to change the keyboard on an Android device.

How to change the keyboard on your Android device, and get new keyboards

You can change the keyboard on your Android phone or tablet through the Settings menu. You can download new keyboards from the Google Play Store.

Apple fixed the keyboards on the new MacBook Pro, but the smaller models still use a controversial design — here’s what you need to know b...

The 16-inch MacBook Pros ditch the controversial butterfly keyboard, but the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air still have it.
Learning how to type faster is a valuable skill.

2 surefire ways to learn how to type faster and more accurately, with proper posture and touch typing

You can learn how to type faster by using various typing games and speed tests, as well as changing your posture and finger position.
To use a keyboard and mouse on your PS4, you'll need to find an app that supports it.

How to use a keyboard and mouse on your PS4 to play certain games with better precision

You can set up a keyboard and mouse to use on your PS4 whether they are wired or wireless. However, not every game supports it.