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Singapore has agreed to Malaysia’s request for the construction of a cross-border rail system to be postponed till end September

The agreement was signed at Malaysia's request in "the spirit of bilateral cooperation".

Firefly landing marks start of its Seletar Airport operations

Malaysian airline Firefly made its inaugural landing at Seletar Airport yesterday morning, nearly five months after its services to Singapore were suspended.

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan is ‘fully prepared’ for surgery, warns seniors ‘never to jump out of bed’

The 66-year-old wrote: "At our age, it’s important to get up, pump the heart, stand up, feel that you are steady before taking the first step."

Singapore extends its own port limits and says it will act firmly if Malaysian vessels continue to intrude

"Malaysia has never laid claim to these waters, or protested our actions there. Now, out of the blue, Malaysia is claiming these territorial waters that belong to Singapore."

Singapore-KL ties hit by disputes over waters and airspace

Singapore-Malaysia ties took a sudden turn on two fronts.

Agreement to suspend KL-Singapore high-speed rail project a fair arrangement, says Khaw Boon Wan

Mr Khaw told the House that there was no provision in the bilateral agreement for the deferment of the project.

Malaysia and Singapore has signed an agreement to postpone the high-speed rail project for 2 years

A joint statement said in the spirit of bilateral cooperation and at Malaysia's request, Singapore has agreed to suspend construction of the HSR project.  

A joint decision on the Singapore-Malaysia high-speed rail and rapid transit system will be made soon

Both Mr Khaw and Mr Azmin also met in Malaysia last week.

Malaysia and Singapore agree to put HSR on hold, delay and costs to be discussed: Source

The 350km rail line between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur was agreed on in 2016 and originally slated for completion in 2026.