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Malaysia’s not pleased after the US included it in a list of countries with kidnapping risks for travellers

The US foreign ministry said travellers in the state of Sabah in east Malaysia face the threat of kidnappings-for-ransom by terrorist groups, who target island resorts and boats ferrying tourists.
American tourist Kimberly Sue Endicott poses with her guide, Jean Paul Mirenge in Uganda, April 7, 2019, in this image taken from social media.

35 countries where the US State Department is warning Americans they could get kidnapped

After an American was abducted in Uganda, the State Department has updated its travel advisories to indicate the risk of kidnapping around the world.
The harrowing 1973 abduction of John Paul Getty III has inspired numerous films and books.

12 times the heirs to massive fortunes disappeared under mysterious or disturbing circumstances

Patty Hearst, the Lindbergh baby, and John Paul Getty III are just three famous heirs that were kidnapped.
Kimberley Sue Endicott, 35, was abducted by gunmen in Queen Elizabeth National Park (pictured) on April 4.

An American tourist and her driver who were kidnapped in Uganda were rescued unharmed

An American tourist and her driver have been rescued after they were kidnapped by four armed men last week in a national park in southwestern Uganda.
Édouard-Jean Empain after his release.

11 times kidnappers targeted millionaires and high-profile executives around the globe

When kidnappers snatch the wealthy and powerful, the story often becomes the subject of intense media scrutiny.
Timmothy Pitzen, left, and Brian Michael Rini, right

Police say the 14-year-old claiming to have escaped kidnappers who held him for 8 years is actually a 24-year-old man with a reported criminal history...

The FBI said in a statement on Twitter that DNA test results confirmed the he was not Timmothy Pitzen, who went missing in 2011.
The Crater Area in Queen Elizabeth National Park with view of the Rwenzori (Ruwenzori) Mountains

An American tourist was kidnapped in Uganda and the suspects are demanding a $500K ransom for her release

Uganda Media Centre said on Wednesday that four armed men kidnapped the woman and a Ugandan driver in Queen Elizabeth National Park.
Clockwise: The black Dodge Caravan used to kidnap Chinese student Lu Wanzhen, Lu, and one of the kidnappers holding a stun gun.

A 22-year-old Chinese student was kidnapped in Canada by masked men who shot him with a stun gun, and the reason why is a mystery

The motive is not known, but Canadian media noted that multiple Chinese students in Canada had been abducted for ransoms in the past.

Jayme Closs’ alleged captor claims he and the teen played board games and cooked together in the 2 months he held her hostage

Suspected kidnapper Jake Patterson, 21, called a local reporter in Minnesota from jail on Friday to talk about Jayme Closs.
Andrew Mitchell of the Columbia Police Division was arrested Monday, March 11, 2019, and charged with kidnapping women and lying to investigators.

A Columbus police officer is charged with kidnapping women he arrested and forcing them to have sex ‘for their freedom’

Columbus police officer Andrew Mitchell was arrested Monday after prosecutors accused him of kidnapping two women under the guise of arresting them.