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Popular oral-care startup Quip has a new $25 electric toothbrush for kids — here’s what it looks like and how it’s different

The main differences from the adult toothbrush are the smaller brush head and the rubber non-slip grip. Otherwise, the kids brush closely replicates the original experience, complete with brush-head replacement deliveries.
Tanitoluwa Adewumi

An 8-year-old Nigerian refugee living in a homeless shelter won New York’s state chess championship

Tanitoluwa Adewumi, who goes by Tani, won the New York State Scholastic Championships tournament for his age group, kindergarten through third grade.
A group of kids pushed over a stone pedestal that was a famous landmark in Oregon.

10 times kids were blamed for thousands of dollars’ worth of destruction

Children can be destructive, which is why bringing them into places like museums and art galleries isn't always a great idea.

New research suggests that having kids doesn’t make parents unhappy — but the cost of raising them might

It costs $250,000 to raise a child to the age of 18 in the US. That financial burden has an effect on parents' happiness, new research suggests.
The author's daughter in Primary's Striped Baby Dress ($19.50).

Primary has quickly become one of my favorite online stores for affordable kids clothes — I have yet to find anything priced over $40

Primary makes high-quality baby, toddler, and kids clothing at prices any family's budget can handle. My son and daughter really seem to like the clothes.

The best pajamas for kids of all ages

These are the best kids pajamas that you can buy to make sure that your kids stay comfortable and asleep all night.
The Jolie-Pitt family is big.

Celebrity kids who will one day rule Hollywood

With such incredible genes, these children — from Blue Ivy Carter to Maxima Chan Zuckerberg — will end up ruling the entertainment industry.

These vegan cookies are free of the 8 most common food allergens, but they taste close to the real deal

Partake Foods cookies are free from the top eight allergens, made with clean, organic ingredients, and contain less sugar than traditional cookies.
Many of Repl.it's users are kids teaching themselves how to code.

This free online tool makes it so easy to learn how to code, kids are using it to build websites, games, and even apps to help with their math homewor...

Here's how Repl.it, an online coding platform, is bringing together kids from around the world and helping them learn to code and build projects.

2 moms started an online kids clothing company that sells colorful, logo-free basics for less than $25

With its simple, colorful, and under-$25 kids clothing basics, Primary makes shopping for clothing stress-free and getting dressed in the morning fun.