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The White House has reportedly picked Vietnam for the next Trump-Kim summit

The White House has said that the next meeting between Trump and Kim would take place in late February.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects the intercontinental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang July 5, 2017.

Trump’s new missile defense plan could prep the US for a decapitation strike on North Korea

Trump has directed the US to research using the F-35 and possibly a laser drone to take out missile launches, which only make sense over North Korea.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un greets a women's subunit during a rocket launching drill

How North Korean leader Kim Jong Un became one of the world’s scariest dictators

North Korea's threats have taken a decidedly sharper and more ominous tone under Kim Jong Un, the third supreme leader of the hermit kingdom.
Kim Jong Un on board his private train during his trip to China.

Inside Kim Jong Un’s personal train — which is bulletproof, has all-white conference rooms, and its own red carpet ramp

Step aboard the North Korean leader's private family train, which he used in his recent visit to China.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un boarded his personal armored train to China for a four-day summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping on January 8, 2019.

Kim Jong Un rode his personal armored train to China to spend his 35th birthday with Xi Jinping

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in Beijing for a four-day summit with President Xi Jinping. He turned 35 on Tuesday.

WATCH: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s motorcade arrives in China for meeting with Xi Jinping

North Korean propaganda outlets claimed Kim Jong Un was invited to the country by Chinese President Xi Jinping.
A female soldier in North Korea.

32 photos that show what life is like in super secretive North Korea

North Korean citizens are largely sealed off from the world, and vice versa. These 32 portraits offer a sobering glimpse into their everyday lives.

Malaysia airport VX poison trial suspended over witness statements

Five of the witnesses had gone missing.
MIss Universe Singapore

Miss Universe Singapore reveals her pageant gown features an image of Trump and Kim Jong-Un shaking hands and people are confused

The dress opens wide to show the skyline of Singapore with an image of two people shaking hands above it.