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I have been reading ebooks on the Kindle Oasis (pictured above) for four years.

How to get ebooks on your Kindle — and more expert tips and tricks

If you just got a Kindle, you need to know all the expert tips and tricks, including how to get ebooks on a Kindle, how to convert PDFs, and more.
The basic Kindle is an affordable e-reader with a front-lit screen.

Amazon’s entry-level Kindle is a great ereader for people on a budget who want to get into ebooks

The entry-level Amazon Kindle is a great ereader for people who are unsure about ebooks or those who want to save money. Here's our review.
Taking a screenshot on your Kindle Fire is a simple process.

How to take a screenshot on your Kindle Fire device

You can take a screenshot on your Kindle Fire of e-books, shows, emails, and most anything else on your tablet.

Amazon Prime members can save $35 to $50 on Kindle ereaders and Fire tablets right now

Amazon Kindles and Fire tablets are on sale. You can save up to $40 on a Kindle Paperwhite and purchase the Fire 7 tablet for just $39.99.
It's easy to return a Kindle book, as long as you've bought it within the past week.

How to return a Kindle book and receive a full refund in 2 steps

You can return a Kindle book that you accidently bought, but you'll need to do it within a week of buying the book.
You can update your Kindle Fire through its settings.

How to manually update your Kindle Fire or check which operating system you’re using

To update your Kindle Fire tablet, simply navigate to the Device Options section of your Settings app.
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.

‘Amazon’ wasn’t the original name of Jeff Bezos’ company, and 14 other little-known facts about the early days of Amazon

There are a lot of surprising things you likely didn't know about Jeff Bezos and Amazon's early days in Seattle.
You can connect your Kindle Paperwhite to any available Wi-Fi network.

How to delete books from your Kindle device when you no longer need them, in 3 different ways

It's easy to delete books from a Kindle after you've finished reading (or abandoned) them, or to make space on your device.
The process for resetting your Kindle Fire will vary depending on which generation device you have.

How to factory reset your Kindle Fire device in 3 different ways

You can factory reset your Kindle Fire device in a few steps, though the process varies depending on the generation of device you have.
It's easy to restart your Kindle to resolve glitches or other issues.

How to restart your Kindle device in 3 simple steps to get it back in working order

You can easily restart your Kindle device if it freezes or stops responding to get it back to working.