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The NFL is reportedly doubling-down on the controversial penalty that cost the Packers a win

The NFL will show that the problem with the hit is what they call the "scoop-and-pull" technique used by Matthews. This move is something that is considered an "intimidating and punishing act" by a rushing defender on the QB.

Head-scratching penalty and 2 missed field goals gives NFL its second tie in 2 weeks

Neither the Packers nor the Vikings could separate from one another, with both teams' kickers flubbing field goals in overtime that would have given their clubs the lead.
Kirk Cousins singed with the Minnesota Vikings for $84 million guaranteed this past offseason.

Kirk Cousins gave up $6 million from the Jets but used their monster, $90 million offer to get more from the Vikings

Kirk Cousins singed with the Minnesota Vikings for $84 million guaranteed this past offseason, and used a competing offer from the Jets to raise his price.

Kirk Cousins couldn’t get anyone in his family to answer the phone after landing an $84 million contract, so he called an AAA employee

After Kirk Cousins agreed to an $84 million contract with the Minnesota Vikings, he tried to tell his wife and family about the deal. When they didn't answer, he decided to call a friendly AAA employee who had asked him about his next contract days before.

Kirk Cousins explained why he was disappointed when he was drafted by the Redskins

Kirk Cousins was initially disappointed when he was drafted by Washington, knowing he would once again have to fight for a job against a more touted candidate.

The 25 best NFL free agents and where they’ve landed so far

NFL free agency is underway and some of the big names like Kirk Cousins and Allen Robinson have reportedly found new homes.

The Vikings are reportedly scooping up the NFL’s best free agent with an unprecedented contract

The Vikings are reportedly set to land Kirk Cousins, adding a top quarterback to their already-dominant core.
Kirk Cousins is set to possibly become the highest-paid player in the NFL.

There’s growing buzz that the Vikings are all-in on the Kirk Cousins race

Kirk Cousins is set to become the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, and rumors swirling the league indicate that Minnesota is ready to bet big on him.

Kirk Cousins is expected to become a free agent and create a bidding war unlike anything the NFL has ever seen

Kirk Cousins is the rare star quarterback to become a free agent in his prime, and teams will be scrambling to land to land him.