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Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun’s messy divorce escalates: Actress claims husband said her ‘nipples weren’t sexy’

"My husband told me that he wanted to divorce me because my nipples weren’t sexy," she claims.

South Korean star Goo Hye Sun accuses actor husband of ‘frequent and intimate calls with other women’

Goo's lawyers say she was stressed by her husband's "lack of interest in their marriage" and "betrayal of her trust". However, she has "no desire to divorce" him, despite their agency claiming so.

Korean actress faces 4 years’ jail for catching an endangered clam species in Thailand in reality show ‘Law of the Jungle’

Lee Yeol Eum allegedly committed the crime while participating in a popular South Korean reality-documentary show where celebrities are left to survive in remote locations around the world.

South Korea’s Song-Song golden couple are getting a divorce – here’s what we know

She was spotted without her ring from as early as February this year.