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The fight will be shown exclusively on sports livestreaming app DAZN.

KSI and Logan Paul won’t stream their boxing fight on YouTube because of piracy worries

The fight will be shown exclusively on sports livestreaming app DAZN.

YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI will fight head-to-head, again, in a boxing match without headgear on November 9 in LA

This is a rematch of a previous bout last August between the two, which ended in a draw and generated an estimated $11 million in revenue.

Logan Paul accidentally blocked donations to a suicide prevention charity by making a copyright claim on another YouTuber’s video

YouTube star KSI vowed to donate money raised in a video about abuse allegations to a suicide prevention charity. Logan Paul blocked the donations.
Logan Paul fan Adam O'Brien.

We spoke to a YouTuber who bet $15,000 on Logan Paul winning his boxing match with KSI

Some fans paid hundreds of pounds for VIP tickets to the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match in Manchester, UK, on Saturday night. We spoke to Adam O'Brien, a YouTuber and fan, who bet $15,000 on the wrong outcome.
Logan Paul.

KSI and Logan Paul probably generated up to $11 million with their YouTube boxing match

Media estimates suggest that about 20,000 fans attended the boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul and that more than 770,000 paid to watch the livestream on YouTube. The two could double their money next February, when they are planning a rematch in the US.
Olajide "JJ" William Olatunji, as known as KSI.

We interviewed KSI, the YouTuber who’s about to box Logan Paul, to see where his head’s at the day before his big fight

KSI is the British YouTube star who is garnering attention by taking on rival vloggers in the boxing ring. In an interview with Business Insider, KSI said he would have studied computer science if he wasn't a YouTuber.
YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

We analyzed who will win the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight — and the answer is clear

The KSI vs. Logan Paul fight, which will be broadcast live on YouTube from the Manchester Arena in England on August 25, has been heavily criticized by the combat-sports industry — but it remains one of the most talked-about events this month. Here's who we think will win, and why.
YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI.

The brawl between KSI and Logan Paul is the inevitable consequence of the YouTube algorithm’s race to the bottom

YouTubers are fighting each other, and it's a sign how YouTube's decision to reward attention, views, and clickbait has pushed creators to make ever-more extreme content that probably isn't suitable for its young audience.

Logan Paul said he wants to fight in the UFC after his boxing match with KSI — and he called out Conor McGregor

Speaking to TMZ at Los Angeles International Airport, Logan Paul expressed interest in becoming a UFC fighter, saying he doesn't want his career to be 'one and done.'
Vlogger Logan Paul and KSI.

YouTuber Logan Paul called out KSI for his ‘disgusting’ remarks about women, and it’s a sign their pre-fight trash talk is going too...

The upcoming boxing match between British YouTuber KSI and Logan Paul is becoming a phenomenon — for all the wrong reasons. In the latest twist in the drama, Paul has hit out at his opponent for making derogatory remarks about his girlfriend, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' actress Chloe Bennett.'