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A protester outside Uber's office in Massachusetts.

For the first time, Uber drivers and other gig workers would qualify for unemployment insurance as part of the Senate’s $2 trillion coronavirus ...

The Senate bill offers relief for gig workers like ride-hailing drivers who have seen their living decimated during the coronavirus crisis.
A McDonald's employee with an order for a customer at the drive thru, as the spread of the coronavirus disease continues, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Britain, March 23, 2020.

The vast majority of recently surveyed employees at McDonald’s, Subway, and Pizza Hut report a lack of access to paid sick leave. A closer look ...

About 78% of McDonald's workers surveyed by The Shift Project reported not having access to paid sick leave.

The UAW is asking the Big 3 Detroit automakers to shut down their factories for 2 weeks amid coronavirus outbreak

A coronavirus task force was formed on Sunday, led by the UAW and the CEOs of GM, Ford, and FCA. It's meeting on Tuesday to plan an course of action.

Workers at a Fiat Chrysler plant in Canada have refused to work since Thursday due to a possible coronavirus case

An employee has self-quarantined due to a secondary contact with a coronavirus case. FCA said that there was no case at the factory itself.
One McDonald's worker embraced the candidate, while other activists questioned the South Bend mayor's "flip-flopping."

Pete Buttigieg was booed and cheered at a march for McDonald’s workers demanding $15 an hour

"You deserve $15," South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg said. "You deserve a union. And we stand with you."

Kickstarter has unionized, becoming the first tech company to do so as workers organize across the industry

The historic vote created one of the first unions of white-collar tech workers in the country at a time when more in the industry are starting to organize.
Protesters took to the streets of New York in 2017 for the Fight for $15 campaign for a higher hourly wage.

Good start, companies — now keep raising wages!

We've been heading toward a "Better Capitalism," but if we're going to fix the American economy, companies need to keep raising wages.
A number of different factors, including the mother's position, can affect how painful labor is.

How painful is labor and how you might reduce the pain

Though labor feels different for everyone, the stage where the baby is crowning is the most intense and physically active.
"I don't think our employees are naive," Microsoft president Brad Smith said in an interview with Business Insider at the Davos conference in Switzerland. "I think sometimes they are idealistic. I think the world needs a combination of idealism and pragmatism."

Microsoft’s president says the company welcomes employee dissent, and says other tech companies ‘don’t listen to their employees eno...

Google and other companies have responded to employee activism by shutting down dissent, but Microsoft's president said the company encourages open dialogue.

Martin Luther King Jr. was as vocal about union power as he was about racial injustice — but no one remembers it

Although union membership has declined since King's death, collective bargaining may be making a comeback.