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WeWork criticized by some of its tenants in a letter to leadership after 5 cleaning contractors were fired

London WeWork tenants sent a letter to WeWork leadership about the cleaners, asking that the company require its contractor to recognize the union.

Thousands of nurses tired of working with too many patients will walk out of hospitals in a 4-state strike

Nurses employed by Tenet Healthcare and the University of Chicago Medical Center are advocating better nurse-to-patient ratios.

Bernie Sanders has a new plan to raise wages, and it’s a major signal on where the Democratic Party is headed

Sen. Bernie Sanders and other Democratic senator introduced a plan to strengthen labor unions on Wednesday. Sanders said the plan, named The Workplace Democracy Act, would help boost worker wages and combat income inequality.

The Verizon strike was a huge contributor to the miserable jobs report

Information jobs dropped by 34,000, mainly because of the Verizon Wireless strike.

The decline of US labor unions over the last 30 years

Whether or not this is good news, one thing is for sure — the decline in unions and their tactics has been precipitous.