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Alastair Campbell kicked out of the Labour Party after voting for the Lib Dems

The party's former head of communications said he had been expelled from Labour after voting for the Liberal Democrats in the European elections.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn says Labour now backs a new Brexit referendum in all circumstances

The Labour leader pushed his party closer to being a fully-fledged pro-referendum party after losing swathes of voters to pro-EU parties last week.

Brexit talks between Labour and the Conservatives hit a low point

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said a letter to Theresa May by senior Tories including Boris Johnson had jeopardised cross-party Brexit talks.

Labour Party rejects calls to fully back new Brexit referendum

The Labour Party's most senior officials, including its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, met Tuesday to discuss the party's position on a new Breit referendum.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn under pressure to campaign for new referendum to stop Brexit

Labour authorities this week decide whether Jeremy Corbyn's party should explicitly commit to holding a new referendum on Brexit.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour is inching closer to backing a Norway-style Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn is warming to the a so-called Norway-style exit from the European Union, according to supporters of the plan.
Jeremy Corbyn.

More Labour MPs are set to quit the party as Corbyn refuses to back a new Brexit referendum

There could be further resignations from Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party after seven MPs quit on Monday to form the "Independent Group."

‘Enough is enough’: 7 MPs quit Labour over Corbyn’s handling of Brexit and antisemitism

Seven Labour MPs including former shadow ministers quit the party in a historic split. They quit over Brexit, anti-Semitism and other issues.
Kate Hoey

Inside the struggle to oust pro-Brexit Labour MP Kate Hoey

Vauxhall MP and prominent Brexit campaigner Kate Hoey is facing a campaign for deselection in her local CLP with a motion that calls for her to be ineligible for re-selection as a Labour Party candidate, and accuses her of "colluding with Farage".
Theresa Griffin MEP.

Jeremy Corbyn must go ‘over the hill’ and back a second Brexit referendum, leading Labour MEP says

Theresa Griffin, Labour party chair in the European Parliament, told BI that Labour's Westminster leadership must come out in favour of a softer Brexit policy, including a referendum on the final deal.