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A group of kids pushed over a stone pedestal that was a famous landmark in Oregon.

10 times kids were blamed for thousands of dollars’ worth of destruction

Children can be destructive, which is why bringing them into places like museums and art galleries isn't always a great idea.
Cambodia's Angkor Wat was built in the 12th century.

12 world-famous landmarks that every travel buff should visit

Even if you're an experienced traveler who prefers less crowded destinations, sites like the Eiffel Tower, Chichen Itza, and Petra are worth seeing.
The flowers in Skagit Valley Tulip Fields look different to people with color blindness.

Here’s what 10 famous US landmarks look like if you’re colorblind

Travelers with color blindness might find that they see famous landmarks differently.

These are Malaysia’s most Instagrammed places in 2018

Malaysia's iconic landmarks have made waves on social media.
The Grand Canyon Skywalk is built on sacred Hualapai land.

10 landmarks you didn’t know had Native American origins

From the Gateway Arch in St. Louis to Alcatraz in San Francisco, here are 10 US landmarks that have Native American origins.
The Beach Hotel on Galveston Island in Texas burned down.

7 iconic buildings across the US that no longer exist — and what’s in their place today

Sometimes, even the most beautiful buildings don't stand the test of time: they might've gotten torn down, or they're lost to fires or earthquakes. HomeAdvisor created composites of what some of these iconic buildings would look like today, compared with what actually stands in their place now.
Le Centre Pompidou in Paris, France.

10 iconic landmarks locals hated when they were first built

Iconic sites aren't always beloved by the people who live around them. Here are 10 famous landmarks that were highly controversial when they were first being built (and some remain that way to this day).
Visiting Pena Palace in Sintra feels like walking into a Portuguese fairytale.

26 tourist landmarks in Europe that are worth lining up for, according to top travel experts

Don't go up the Eiffel Tower — the best thing will be missing from the Parisian skyline.

New York’s oldest restaurant is so iconic, George Washington celebrated winning the Revolutionary War there — here’s what it’s...

The oldest restaurant in New York, Fraunces Tavern, has been a landmark for nearly 300 years. We went to see what it's like.