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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is suing a jeweler he says cheated him out of $9 million.

Drew Brees is suing a jeweler for $9 million, saying he was overcharged by millions for diamonds

Drew Brees is embroiled in a $9 million lawsuit with a jeweler named Vahid Moradi after finding out he was allegedly cheated out of millions of dollars worth of diamonds. Moradi's court filing claims the New Orleans Saints quarterback said he was "cash poor."

A distraught immigrant boy nearly jumped out a window after being separated from his family, lawsuit says

Seventeen states sued the Trump administration on Tuesday over its now-halted practice of separating immigrant families that cross the US-Mexico border illegally. The lawsuit aims to force the government to reunite the thousands of families it split apart — and permanently cease family separations.
Elon Musk is funding the Global Learning XPRIZE.

Tesla ‘whistleblower’ says Elon Musk is waging war on him for leaking information to Business Insider

The former Tesla technician Martin Tripp says Elon Musk is waging war on him for leaking information to Business Insider about the firm's raw-material waste and safety standards.
The broken window next to row 14 of Southwest Airlines Flight 1380.

Southwest passengers who survived a fatal flight are suing the airline claiming they suffered ‘overwhelming horror’

Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 made an emergency landing in Philadelphia in April after the Boeing 737 low cabin pressure due to damage from an explosive engine failure.
Central American asylum seekers wait as U.S. Border Patrol agents take them into custody on June 12, 2018 near McAllen, Texas.

Migrant children say they’ve been forcibly drugged, handcuffed, and abused in US government detention

A class-action lawsuit alleges that psychotropic drugs were overprescribed to migrant children who arrived as unaccompanied minors and are now in the care of the US government. The children say they were forcibly drugged and abused in centers around the country.
Sen. Rand Paul

The brutal attack on Rand Paul came after the senator put piles of branches too close to his neighbor’s yard

According to new court documents, Sen. Rand Paul angered his neighbor of 17 years after he repeatedly piled yard debris near the line dividing their Kentucky properties last fall, causing the 59-year-old to tackle Paul to the ground.

Apple won $539 million from Samsung in a patent lawsuit — an amount that’s barely noticeable against Apple’s net profits

Apple has made more than $300 billion in the years since it filed the patent infringement case against Samsung, proving that the real victory probably comes from the dollars spent

Apple is being sued over the controversial super-thin MacBook keyboards some users say are prone to breaking

Apple faces a class-action lawsuit over the keyboards on most of its current laptops, including the MacBook and the MacBook Pro. Users have complained that the keys on Apple's "butterfly" keyboard, first introduced in 2015, can get jammed easily when faced with minor dust or debris.

Stormy Daniels just escalated her fight with Trump — this time suing him for defamation

Porn star Stormy Daniels filed a new lawsuit against President Donald Trump in which she claims that he defamed her by accusing her of lying about their alleged affair, something he called a "total con job."

Battle Royale: These massive hits are battling to be the biggest video game in the world

As "Fortnite" and "PUBG" have taken over, with tens of millions of players each, the race to be the biggest game in the world has never been more intense.