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Nintendo slammed with new lawsuit that claims the company knowingly sold Switch controllers that were broken

People have complained about Joy-Con drift dating back as far as 2017, the same year the Switch launched. But Nintendo has been silent on the issue.
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max aircraft are parked on the tarmac after being grounded, at the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, California.

Southwest and Boeing had a ‘reckless, greedy conspiracy’ to keep the 737 Max flying despite knowing about its flaws, a new lawsuit alleges...

The lawsuit alleges Southwest has a unique relationship with Boeing, and that both companies knew about a fatal defect in 737 Max planes.
Fertility clinics vary widely in their medical protocols, price, and more.

A fertility clinic is under fire after a woman gave birth to 2 other couples’ babies, but the scandal may be a symptom of a larger issue

There's no one government agency that oversees the fertility industry or that can discipline centers with faulty practices.
Anni and Ashot Manukyan are pictured above.

Couple describes the horror of learning a stranger gave birth to their baby boy in a fertility clinic mix-up, forcing them to sue for custody of their...

Ashot and Anni Manukyan held a press conference on Wednesday, describing how their embryo had been implanted in a stranger's womb and carried to term.
Due to a fertility clinic error, a woman gave birth to two other couples' babies, even though she was expecting her own.

A couple is suing a fertility clinic after giving birth to two other couples’ babies. Here’s how that can happen.

Fertility clinics should have multiple checks and balances in place to prevent misidentification, but errors are possible.
Pictured above is the building where CHA Fertility Center has its headquarters in Los Angeles.

A couple is suing their fertility clinic after they gave birth to twin boys who turned out to be the children of 2 other couples

The New York City Couple is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages from the CHA Fertility Center in Los Angeles.
Rihanna hosts a beauty class in 2018.

Rihanna’s lawsuit against her dad for using ‘Fenty’ is headed to a jury trial — even though it’s also his last name

Rihanna and Ronald Fenty will head to a jury trial in 2020 to decide who has the rights to their last name in business, according to court documents.
Pictured above is the former location of Manhattan's Beacon High School, where a student was badly burned in a botched chemistry experiment in 2014.

A high school chemistry experiment that went horribly wrong left a boy permanently disfigured, and a jury just awarded him $60 million

Alonzo Yanes was 16 years old in 2014 when he was left badly burned from a botched chemistry experiment conducted by his teacher, Anna Poole.
FILE PHOTO: Apple CEO Tim Cook and former Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ive look over the new Mac Pro during Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose

Jony Ive’s departure is just the latest headache in Apple’s increasingly tough year

The tech giant also faces antitrust complaints, disappointing revenue, slow iPhone sales, and the ever-present MacBook Pro keyboard fiascos.

FedEx is suing the US government, claiming that complying with Huawei’s blacklisting violates its constitutional rights and traps it ‘betw...

The delivery giant said it's "virtually impossible" to comply with Huawei's blacklisting as it would require policing the contents of millions of packages every day.