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A woman is suing Lyft alleging that she was kidnapped by a driver at gunpoint and raped by 2 other men but the company let him continue driving under ...

Alison Turkos alleges she was abducted at gunpoint by her Lyft driver in 2017 and raped by two other men.
Songs by Taylor Swift are among the songs Peloton is accused of stealing.

Buzzy exercise startup Peloton is being sued for $300 million over accusations it stole songs by Taylor Swift, The Beatles, and many more

In March the National Music Publishers' Association filed a suit alleging the exercise-bike startup Peloton improperly used more than 1,000 songs.
Activists of P.A.I.N. (Prescription Addiction Intervention Now) association - created to respond to the opioid crisis - and of French NGO Aides hold banners reading "Shame on Sackler" and "Take down the Sackler name" (back) in front of the Pyramid of the Louvre museum (Pyramide du Louvre), on July 1, 2019 in Paris, during a protest to condemn the museum's ties with the Sackler family, billionaire donors accused of pushing to sell a highly addictive painkiller blamed for tens of thousands of deaths. - The Sacklers have been high-profile philanthropists to cultural institutions such as the Tate in London and the Guggenheim in New York, but museums and galleries have recently been rebuffing their donations because of the opioid crisis fallout. The most recent museum to cut ties with the Sackler family is New York's Metropolitan Museum, which announced earlier this month that it will cease accepting gifts from the family.

New York authorities discovered $1 billion in wire transfers by the Sackler family as authorities suspect they are hiding wealth from lawsuits

The family has been accused of helping ignite America's opioid crisis as sales of OxyContin helped the family build a $13 billion fortune.
Drew Wasilewski and Kristina Koedderich believe a mix-up at their fertility clinic resulted in them having an Asian baby.

The white couple who are suing their fertility clinic after they gave birth to an Asian baby say hospital officials inferred that their daughter was a...

Drew Wasilewski and Kristina Koedderich are suing the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science after giving birth to an Asian baby in 2013.
The Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, New Jersey, is pictured above.

A white couple is suing their fertility clinic after giving birth to an Asian daughter

The unnamed couple say they paid the Institute for Reproductive Health at Saint Barnabas in Livingston, New Jersey $500,00 to get pregnant.
In one Virginia county, marriage license applicants are given a list of roughly 200 racial categories to choose from.

3 Virginia couples were denied marriage licenses because they refused to disclose their race. Now they’re suing the state.

Each of the couples went to apply for marriage licenses, but were presented instead with bizarre — and even offensive — lists of racial categories.
A Lyft vehicle is seen in New York City in March.

One of the 14 women suing Lyft says a driver raped her then stole her phone and added a $25 tip to the ride

Fourteen women filed a class-action lawsuit against Lyft on Wednesday, over alleged sexual assaults suffered at the hands of the app's drivers.
A screenshot of one page from Ariana Grande's complaint against Forever 21.

Ariana Grande is suing Forever 21 over ads she says featured ‘a look-alike model’ wearing her signature hairstyle

Grande's lawyers filed a complaint arguing that Forever 21 attempted to sell products by hiring a model who looks "strikingly similar" to the star.

Oei Hong Leong, Raffles Education’s Chew Hua Seng in courtroom face-off

Oei Hong Leong is seeking S$15 million damages from Chew Hua Seng, whom he was previously "quite good friends" with.

A man is suing Popeye’s for $5,000, saying that his car was damaged while he tried to get a chicken sandwich and that his friends laughed at him...

Craig Barr is suing the fast-food chain Popeyes for $5,000 in damages, saying he didn't get a "black list" $25 chicken sandwich.