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You have to buy a Ford GT to be able to buy this watch.

You must spend $400,000 on a Ford GT before you can even consider buying this exclusive watch

Autodromo has collaborated with Ford on a special-edition watch.

The Ford GT is a spectacular supercar that left us wanting more

The Ford GT is a stylish, powerful, innovative supercar that does not disappoint.

Ford is heading back to Le Mans to repeat history — again

The 2017 race for the GTE Pro trophy will be a replay of the 2016 installment, but this time with Ford coming in under a nice head of steam.

We got up close and personal with Ford’s $400,000 GT supercar

We got a closer look at the remarkable Le Mans-winning machine.

Check out the top-secret secret design studio where Ford created its GT supercar

Designer Moray Callum and his team pulled out all the stops, crafting a ferociously stylish machine that's distinguished by its evocation of the Ford GT40s of the 1960s

BMW will return to Le Mans in 2018

The decision is part of what BMW is calling a strategic realignment of its motorsports program. For racing fans this is welcome news.

There’s an Apple Car for sale — but it’s not the one you think

It's 36 years old and Paul Newman once drove it.

Ford just did something amazing at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

The Ford GT edged out a Ferrari 488, and the Ford team finished 1-3-4, in a near-duplicate of the famous 1966 win.

Mazda has over 100 engineers working on a breakthrough on one of the world’s strangest engines

The rotary engine, a strange, piston-less internal-combustion unit, has defined the brand since its first production run in 1965 in the Mazda Cosmo.