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LeBron James reportedly spends $1.5 million per year to take care of his body — here’s where it goes

Nobody in the NBA is more dedicated to the physical preparation of the game than LeBron James. From personal gyms, trainers, chefs, and the top equipment, James spends tons to stay in top shape.

Magic Johnson sat in his car for an hour before meeting LeBron James to discuss his free agency in order to avoid tampering issues

Magic Johnson has run into issues with tampering rules with the NBA before, but took careful precaution to ensure that his meeting with LeBron James was on the up and up.

LeBron James is reportedly already eyeing a role change with the Lakers that would emulate past NBA greats

LeBron James has reportedly studied players like Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan and noted how they played out of the post more in later in their careers. James may make such a change with the Lakers to make things easier for him on offense.

LeBron James is now a Laker — take a tour of the $23 million mansion he bought in Los Angeles

Basketball superstar LeBron James just purchased a second home in Los Angeles for $23 million. The newly-built mansion is his third house overall.

The 28 best NBA free agents and where they’ve landed so far

This year's NBA free agency class is a mix of supreme superstar talents, intriguing young players, and role players who may struggle to find the perfect deals.
LeBron James in his last game with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Best Twitter reactions to the LeBron James signing with the Lakers

LeBron James dropped a bombshell in the NBA world by announcing that he would be signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, and basketball Twitter reacted accordingly.

LeBron James knows the Lakers aren’t anywhere close to competing for a championship, and it could mark a dramatic difference in the team’s...

The Lakers could choose to stand pat for the year and dive into the free-agency pool next summer. That would cost them a year with LeBron James, but might make them better in the future.

Inside the marriage of LeBron and Savannah James, who met in high school, had their first date at Outback Steakhouse, and are now worth $275 million

LeBron James and his wife Savannah were high school sweethearts — even though they attended rival schools. Their first date took place at Outback Steakhouse. The couple now has three children.

Magic Johnson reportedly showed up at LeBron James’ home the minute free agency began and wooed him to the Lakers

LeBron James and Magic Johnson reportedly spoke for three hours on July 1, discussing the Lakers' path to championships and off-court business.