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LeBron and Savannah James have been together for almost 2 decades. Here’s a timeline of their love story.

The couple is one of the most iconic in sports history. Here's what you should know about their relationship timeline.
LeBron James with sons Bronny and Bryce.

LeBron James posted a loving scouting report of his son Bronny on Twitter and fans are saying he’s a GOAT parent and player

Bronny James has high expectations as he enters high school this year, but his father wants the world to know that he'll be a team player.

11 athletes who have a famous parents

The kids who look up to their parent's for inspiration are now looking to continue their legacy in sports.

LeBron James came off the bench once in his career, and he did it to protect a teammate from being booed

LeBron James has played in 1,437 games over his astounding career, and he has started in all but one.

LeBron James has a wild collection of unique and expensive cars — see 13 of the most iconic vehicles in his garage

The three-time NBA champion likes nice things, and his large car collection, which includes some classic and exotic rides, shows it.

Another eyebrow-raising $10,000 bet was placed on the Lakers to win the 2020 NBA championship, and some think it’s a sign they will sign Kawhi L...

A big bet came in on the Lakers just minutes before Anthony Davis signed with the team, making this second bet even more intriguing.
"NBA 2K20" will launch with cover stars Anthony Davis and Dwyane Wade in September.

Anthony Davis and Dwyane Wade are the cover stars for the ‘NBA 2K20’ video game

"NBA 2K20" will celebrate the end of Dwyane Wade's hall-of-fame career and Anthony Davis's recent move to Los Angeles.
LeBron James hinted at changing back to No. 6, and some conspiratorial fans believe there's a message hidden in the move.

LeBron James teased a change to his jersey number on Twitter, and some fans think it’s a hint that the Lakers will sign Kawhi Leonard

LeBron James hinted at changing back to No. 6, and some conspiracy-minded fans believe there's a message hidden in the move.

Anthony Davis gave up a $4 million bonus to help the Lakers, and fans on Twitter believe it’s part of a grand conspiracy

Anthony Davis' agent, Rich Paul, said waiving the trade kicker was a way to invest in more talent, but fans have different ideas.

The Lakers made 2 huge moves in a matter of hours that set them up perfectly to add another big star

Anthony Davis gave up a $4 million bonus, and it means the Los Angeles Lakers should have enough cap space to offer another superstar a max deal.