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The LG G8.

LG’s latest flagship phone is a solid alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy S10e, but only if you can get it at a discount

The LG G8 is LG's flagship phone, and it's more like the cheapest of Samsung's new phones. But that's not a bad thing.

The newest big smartphone from LG finally has a price and release date

The LG G8 is a mix of the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e.
Meet the latest flagship phone from LG, the LG G8.

I tried the futuristic new LG phone that unlocks by scanning the veins in your palms. Here’s what it’s like in person

The LG G8 is pretty traditional and solid — until you discover the wild vein recognition feature.

LG’s new smartphone unlocks by recognizing the veins in your palms — here’s how it works

LG's new smartphone, the G8, has "Hand ID" that detects the veins in your palms to unlock the phone.