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Then-presidential candidate Donald Trump holds an LGBT rainbow flag during a campaign rally at the University of Northern Colorado in October 2016.

Trump seemed to know nothing about his own administration’s plan to decriminalize homosexuality around the world

The White House is campaigning to change laws in dozens of countries where it's illegal to be gay, NBC News reported. But the president seems unaware.
A huge crowd takes part in a rally in support of same-sex marriage in Taiwan. The placards encourage the country to vote "no" on a series of referendums against marriage equality.

Taiwan voted to reject same-sex marriage in a surprise about-face that has changed the island both socially and politically

Last year, Taiwan's highest court ruled that same-sex couples had the right to legally marry and set a two-year deadline for legalization.

The Chief of Government Communications, Janadas Devan, has revealed what the late LKY thought of Penal Code 377A

The late Lee Kuan Yew apparently had two "don'ts" when it came to the law.
Beth Ford took over as the CEO of Land O'Lakes on Wednesday.

New Land O’Lakes CEO Beth Ford just became the first openly gay woman to lead a Fortune 500 company — take a look at her career so far

Beth Ford, the newly-appointed CEO of Land O'Lakes, became the first openly gay woman to lead a Fortune 500 company on Wednesday. She's also one of just 25 women on the list overall.

20 spectacular photos of cities celebrating LGBTQ Pride around the world

The US is far from the only country to recognize Pride. Worldwide, cities aim to highlight issues facing their queer communities through Pride celebrations throughout the year. Here's how cities around the world have recognized Pride so far in 2018.
The word 'RESIST' is spelled out in balloons by a contingent in the annual Pride Parade on Sunday, June 25, 2017 in San Francisco, California.

June is LGBT Pride Month — here’s everything you need to know

Cities and towns across the US are celebrating Pride throughout the month of June. Nearly every city has some sort of big event. Here is a handy FAQ that explains what Pride Month is all about.
Lena Waithe arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala (Met Gala) to celebrate the opening of “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., May 7, 2018.

Lena Waithe’s rainbow outfit at the Catholic Church-themed Met Gala sent a powerful message

Lena Waithe — an actor, producer, and the first black woman to win an Emmy for writing in a comedy series — wore a rainbow cape to the 2018 Met Gala. Along with Rihanna's papal ensemble, Waithe's outfit arguably created the most buzz at the event.
Australian Labor MP Linda Burney jumps into the arms of Liberal MP Warren Enstch after parliament passed legislation to allow same-sex marriage in Australia.

Why this photo of two politicians from opposite sides hugging says so much about Australia’s same-sex marriage debate

The image of Labor MP Linda Burney hugging Liberal MP Warren Entsch captured a humanity rarely seen in politics.

Ivanka Trump reportedly learned of the transgender ban when Trump tweeted about it

Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, were reportedly blindsided by President Donald Trump's announcement.

Rhode Island’s ‘sassy’ Teacher of the Year posed next to Trump with a black lace fan — and Trump loved it

Nikos Giannopoulos struck a memorable pose — while holding a lacy black fan — next to President Trump.