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All Malaysian MPs will soon have to declare their assets – and those who lie could get 3 years in jail: Parliament

If you're wondering how much wealth a Malaysian minister has, the answer may soon be a click away.

Umno MPs demanded Malaysia’s top judges resign for dancing to ‘Let’s Twist Again’ – and Twitter isn’t having it

And at least one person felt the whole thing was Chubby Checker's fault for writing such a catchy song.

Malaysia to define what is considered an insult to royals and enact harsher punishments, after 3 arrested for comments about former King

The government has decided to enforce harsher punishments for those who make insulting comments about royals.

Malaysia’s abolishing the death penalty – and all inmates on death row could be spared

Offenders of crimes like drug trafficking, firearms possession, murder and terrorism could soon be spared the noose.