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Palestinian groom Mohamed abu Daga and his bride Israa wear protective masks amid the COVID-19 epidemic, during a photoshoot at a studio before their wedding ceremony.

20 creative ways people have celebrated weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries while keeping their social distance

Around the world, people have found creative ways to continue celebrating birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries while keeping their social distance.
Sleeping on your back with an extra pillow is the best way to drain a stuffy nose at night.

How to get better sleep with a stuffy nose in 3 different ways

To sleep with a stuffy nose, you should lie on your back with an extra pillow, use a humidifier for moist air, and consider taking medication.

10 ways the coronavirus pandemic could change American life as we know it

The COVID-19 crisis has left many Americans jobless, isolated, and wondering: What will happen next?
Clarence House is the elaborately decorated residence of Prince Charles.

A virtual tour of Prince Charles’ London residence gives fans a rare glimpse into royal life

During the tour of Clarence House, you can see that most of the residence is decorated to honor Charles' grandmother, the Queen Mother.
These 29 little lifestyle changes will help you get through the day with less carbon emissions.

29 things you can do for a lower carbon footprint that will hardly change your day

Climate change is real, and there are ways to mitigate it. Here's what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint without changing your whole life.
A confused contestant on "Jeopardy!"

These are the hardest ‘Jeopardy!’ questions that stumped all the contestants — see how many you can get right

From baseball facts to Disney trivia, these are the "Jeopardy!" questions that confused contestants.
There have been a number of fitness trends that seem bizarre today.

32 vintage photos of bizarre exercise fads from the last 100 years that required little effort and probably yielded few results

From a vibrating belt to a human hamster wheel, there have been a number of fitness trends in the 20th century that seem bizarre today.

Eerie before-and-after photos show public spaces emptied out around the world amid the coronavirus panic

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, public spaces have been left abandoned. These eerie photos show how empty places have become.
Bob Chapek house.

Disney’s new CEO is selling his $3.5 million home on 20 acres in California — see inside

Bob Chapek just became Disney's CEO last month, replacing Bob Iger, and his home has been on the market for a little over a year.
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been together for years.

THEN AND NOW: Here’s how the longest celebrity couples evolved over the years

From Will and Jada Pinkett Smith to David and Victoria Beckham, celebrity couples look completely different today than when they first started dating.