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SoulCycle appears to have taken a hit this summer.

The call for boycott against SoulCycle appears to be working despite the tactic’s unpredictable record

Even though boycotts traditionally don't see much longterm change, attendance is down at SoulCycle after the Trump connection came to light.
White Claw is just taking up space at my local bodega.

Everyone I know has dumped beer in favor of White Claw. Here’s why they’re making a huge mistake.

The White Claw obsession has infected my partner, colleagues, and neighbors. I can no longer be a silent bystander as IPAs get thrown under the keg.
If you have a hard time sleeping after watching TV, cruising the internet at bedtime, or working all day beneath overhead fluorescent lighting, these "sleep" glasses might just change your life.

I tried $95 ‘sleep glasses’ that are designed for watching TV or surfing the web before bed, but they also took the edge off harsh office ...

Felix Gray's "sleep" glasses might be for you if you have a hard time sleeping after watching TV, or working all day beneath fluorescent lighting,

30 of the wildest Guinness World Records set in 2019

Records set in 2019 include the world's oldest woman at age 116, Simone Biles' historic gymnastics routine, and an 8,000-pound teddy bear.
Fast food is fine in moderation.

I eat and review fast food for work, and here’s how I take care of my body

I eat and write about fast food, but it's actually not that hard for me to stay fit. Here's how I take care of my body.
Getting a manicure.

A manicurist reveals the 7 biggest mistakes you’re making with your nails

INSIDER spoke with a nail expert about the biggest mistakes she sees on a regular basis — and what people should be doing instead.

This historic New York hotel has been holding an annual cat fashion show for the last decade, and the photos are fantastic

The Algonquin Hotel has had cats in residence since the 1930s, and for the past decade they've been celebrating felines with a cat fashion show.
Toby Toad, the wild toad-turned rising Instagram star, channels his inner-grill master in one of his Instagram pictures.

A woman turned a wild toad that frequented her porch into a rising Instagram star, and the photos of ‘Toby Toad’ are going viral

Savannah Mikell turned her childhood dollhouse into a lifelike backdrop for Toby Toad, a wild amphibian taking Instagram by storm.

15 bestselling books that readers love but critics hate

Critics and readers don't always agree on what makes a good book. Here are 15 novels that readers love but critics hate.

This brand new designer co-working space in Singapore has a bar – and it’s focused on giving users a better lifestyle

Gather has its own feature bar, fully-furnished and customisable offices as well as a host of social events for its members.