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LimeBike scooters have secret alarms built-in that blare loud noises and threats to call the police, but the company says it’s getting rid of th...

LimeBike says it will update its scooters so they no longer scream loudly and threatening to call the police if users tamper with them without paying.

Kevin Durant is becoming a big-time Silicon Valley investor — here are the VCs he considers his mentors

Warriors star wing Kevin Durant talked about his personal business strategy in a recent interview with ESPN, and his "mentors" are big-name guys who most techies would kill to have dinner with.
Electric scooters are taking over San Francisco.

SCOOTER WARS: 3 startups are raising hundreds of millions to speed up your commute — but they’re annoying everyone in San Francisco

Electric scooters are taking over San Francisco. We talked with the founders of Spin and Bird about their bumpy rides.

San Francisco threatens to punish the controversial scooter startups for their riders’ bad behavior

The scooters have been annoying residents and commuters, and now San Francisco is taking a stand.
Bird CEO Travis VanderZanden

San Francisco might try to stop the electric scooter invasion by placing limits on how many each startup can rent out

Bird, one of the three companies with scooters in San Francisco, released usage numbers for the first time on Wednesday.