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‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ wins a lazy weekend box office as the ‘Logan Lucky’ experiment fails

With little competition from "Logan Lucky," "The Hitman's Bodyguard" easily wins the weekend box office.

Daniel Craig didn’t break character or his weird voice while shooting ‘Logan Lucky’

Costar Riley Keough said she couldn't stop laughing whenever she ran into Daniel Craig on or off the set of their movie "Logan Lucky."

Steven Soderbergh makes a much better ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ with Channing Tatum and Adam Driver in ‘Logan Lucky’

Steven Soderbergh proves he can make an impressive big-budget movie without the help of Hollywood with "Logan Lucky."

Daniel Craig on coming back as Bond: ‘There is no decision just yet’

Daniel Craig finally goes public to update the world on if he's coming back to play James Bond again.

Steven Soderbergh has a new plan to make Hollywood movies outside the control of big studios

Steven Soderbergh returns to movies with "Logan Lucky" after a four year retirement. He's also come back with a new distribution model.

There’s a funny debate about whether the screenwriter for Steven Soderbergh’s new movie is a real person

"Logan Lucky" is the first screenwriting credit for Rebecca Blunt, but she might not be real.