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Tennis star Serena Williams has launched a venture firm for investing in women, people of color, and young entrepreneurs

Williams has already dominated on the tennis court and is now looking to take on the world of venture capital.

18 of the hottest under-the-radar startups to watch in 2017

These startups prove you don't have to be in the Bay Area or New York City to launch a successful company.

The tampon delivery service of the future is here

LOLA brings the tampon back to basics with the company's new, non-applicator option.

These women quit their jobs to disrupt the multi-billion dollar tampon industry — here’s why

They're trying to solve two major problems with this centuries-old product.

Why one of Kayak’s cofounders took his Tesla and became an Uber driver

Kayak cofounder Paul English drives his Tesla for Uber in Boston to do research for his new company, Lola, which aims to bring back travel agents.